10 Mobile Apps for a First Class Entrepreneur

Written by Kevin Nelson

Making important calls starting from the time the day breaks, writing and responding to hundreds of emails, filing a vast number of reports, creating thousands of plans, brainstorming new ideas, and creating efficient marketing programs at the same time: this is the daily life of an entrepreneur. And if you think that it is easy to keep the healthy balance and make everything work on the go, then you could not be more wrong.

That is why, with the growth of responsibilities, every entrepreneur needs the assistance of the latest technologies. As you know, there is a huge number of applications businesspeople can get to make their life easier.

Technologies are meant to serve the single goal of simplifying our daily routine and keeping all the balls in the air. For this reason, we have decided to make a list of apps that you should get and use on a regular basis not to break your neck under the pressure of tasks and responsibilities.

No matter whether you are a freelance writer or run an online …

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10 Screens of Closely Spaced Names

There is an app I use called Insight Timer. It’s for timing meditation sessions. It’s a little clunky.  Pretty basic. You’ve probably never heard of it. Recently the creator of the app sent a note out to the users, via the app, and he got a response. A huge response. There were ten iPhone screens of responses expressing happiness about how the app was being upgraded.

Ten screens of closely spaced names.

That’s remarkable. It caused me to ask, What is this guy doing right? The users of this app, simple as it is, simply love it and are immensely grateful to the maker of it. I think an app earns that kind of love when users realize how much they like it, then desire it, and then realize they would miss it if it were to disappear.  In fact, my litmus test for any app or brand is to ask myself, if this [fill in the blank] were to go away, would I be sad? If I can answer ‘no, I wouldn’t be sad’ to that, then the app’s …

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Finding a Voice on your Phone

Hello? Is anybody there? Something interesting is happening with speaking: The human voice is making a comeback. It was never really lost, of course, but it’s being heard more loudly online and also on those mobile devices called phones.

The joke about phones has been that they are used for anything but making phone calls. If you watch anybody under the age of 30 texting, you witness a swift dance across the keyboard that is amazing. (I can’t do it. Maybe because I have big hands and am not under 30.) People say ‘I use my phone to look at Instagram, take pictures and send texts.’ Some people even use a phone to order food.  Few will admit to actually talking on a phone.  But that’s changing.

A new app called Talko is launching. It promises to change the way you use a phone. You’ll have access to a swift-running stream of live talk, voicemails, texts, images – all organized into threads you can access later, or delete if you find something too embarrassing.

Talko’s creator, Ray Ozzie, is receiving a lot of good press for …

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