It’s Almost Time for The Angel Playbook

After a year’s work, The Angel Playbook is almost here. After one more edit pass it will go live soon as a Kindle edition, with an audio book edition soon after that.

The playbook delivers the methods, techniques and mindset you will need to prosper and thrive in today’s fast-changing startup funding environment, whether you are an investor or an entrepreneur.

It addresses the psychology that drives successful investments in new companies. We cover the views and needs of the investor and the company founder, providing essential information for both, helping both groups build the communications channels that result in successful investments. As a founder, you’ll learn the secrets of pitching new investments, how to learn from rejection, how to create a successful pitch deck, and more.

As a new or experienced angel investor, you’ll learn what questions to ask of founders, where to find the best investments, and how to sustain a productive relationship with the team you are funding.

Included are profiles and listings of the top regional angel groups and how to pitch them. We cover …

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