Google [not always] to the rescue

Google AdWords are mighty. Google Adwords are effective. But sometimes Google AdWords can’t help you.

I’m launching a business consulting program for startups called Mo’popular. We soft-launch next month and I wanted to test some landing pages before then. My usual method is to launch a modest AdWords campaign to see what gets clicks.

When this gets tuned up, it’s fantastic. I’ve used the same method for my Digital Fundraising School Free Class schedule. Over the last year, we’ve perfected, pretty much, an Adwords campaign that brings the right people to our landing page, and that page converts. All good.

A keyword-driven approach can pull you off message.

I learned this past week, however, that while ‘crowdfunding’ is a nice keyword in the AdWords universe and signals a clear intent to the viewer, ‘startup’ and ‘business startup’ and ‘business consulting’ mean a lot of different things to different people. They are also really expensive as keywords. Because of keyword competition, clawing my way to the top of results was tough. I was able to mitigate that expense (and competition) …

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