Get the Guns Out of Your Portfolio

500 Words on Thursday | Written by Lee Schneider 

People have the right to bear arms, but I don’t want guns in my stock portfolio, particularly in the 529 college savings plan that I am starting for my youngest son.

Why should we fund his college education with profits from gun makers like Smith & Wesson?

From a financial perspective, it makes a lot of sense to invest in Smith & Wesson (returning 16% over the last decade), Kraft Foods (highly-profitable maker of addictive crap that is killing us), Philip Morris (selling cigarettes to kids overseas; highly profitable) and Chevon (nice-talking oil company that is still killing the planet while providing solid returns to investors.) Strum, Ruger & Company, a gun maker located just a short car ride away from the Newton school shootings, returned 48.5% to investors over the past year.

In the world of investments big returns are good. It shouldn’t matter how you make a killing in the market, right?  Well, I think it no longer makes sense to fund a child’s …

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