Business is Art and Art is Business

There’s a saying that goes something like, ‘All artists want to talk about is business and all business people want to talk about is art.’

It’s not so easy to make that statement any more, because art and business have merged.

The model of the painter in the garret creating for her own enjoyment, and then being hailed as a genius, usually after her death, well, that’s not so relevant any more. There is a lot of culture-noise out there, and being passive and hoping to be ‘discovered’ is becoming a long shot. Artists have to make intelligent noise to be noticed, need to sustain themselves with a business model for their work.

The model of the cigar-chomping capitalist who puts profits before people and only cares about himself is being remade by people like John Mackie, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and many others.

Business as an engine for good doesn’t seem like such a strange out-of-the-box idea any more. The solo artist creating something ‘great’ in a loft by himself is what seems strange and improbable. For one thing, …

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