It’s live! After writing, recording, and editing I have a new course live on Skillshare.

Written by Lee Schneider

Social Media Skills For Content Creators shares everything that I’ve learned about how to become known on social media, whether you are promoting yourself, your art, your writing or a media project, or crowdfunding your latest and greatest idea.

In ten segments I get into how to create media that matters, how to find your audience online, and how to navigate social media in a way that’s efficient and fun. To wrap it up, I show you how to measure your success.

I’ll let you know this: It wasn’t easy! Sure, I know this stuff, but getting it into video format was a challenge.

I was thinking of you, the student, who needs actionable ideas, not theory. I used examples from my own work, screen captures from all the platforms I use every day, and a fun lecture format that I’ve used when I’ve taught for USC.

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