Sober Grind is an addiction and recovery podcast that was started in late 2017 by co-hosts Austin Armstrong and Pej Alaghamandan. The idea for Sober Grind really came about because both of them have been deeply impacted by drug and alcohol addiction and wanted to make a positive difference by educating people! Sober Grind features recovery stories from individuals as well as family members who have overcome their addictions as well as the tragic losses.

Sober Grind is a weekly podcast that can be found on all major platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Iheartradio, and all other podcast listening platforms.

Some of our favorite Sober Grind episodes:


Share your recovery story

Sober Grind welcomes all of those impacted by addiction to share their stories with our audience. If you are willing to share your experience on our podcast, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or visiting us online at:

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