When you work with us, you are working with people who love production. We take pride in being producers and editors.

Podcasting holds a special place for us at Red Cup because it takes us back to our production roots. Our founder, Lee Schneider, has a background in production, writing for Good Morning America and for local news, producing magazine-style segments for FOX and Dateline NBC, and executive producing series and specials for television networks like The History Channel, TLC, Court TV, Discovery Health and Bravo. In various production roles he has been writer, director, producer, editor (both audio and video) and executive producer. Red Cup is in production now on various podcasts.


How Our Production Process Works

We work in series orders of ten episodes. Your podcast can be recorded in a studio or remotely, using Uberconference. We deliver podcasts in many formats, from the most simple in a conversational style, to those with complex audio environments and sound effects. Since most of us come from a background in documentaries and journalism, we prize a good story. When we build podcasts, we build narratives.

Red Cup offers an end-to-end podcasting solution.

Development. Red Cup collaborates with you to develop the podcast concept and structure. We research topics that will bring in the largest listening audiences. We develop show outlines and scripts. We participate in search and casting for the right host/interviewer. We assist with guest discovery, booking, and scheduling.

Production. We produce the episodes, add main theme music, underscore, and effects as needed. We handle all rights agreements for music and effects, working directly with our composers and sound designers.

Distribution. Red Cup provides an audio mix, audio compression and “sweetening,” and distribution via SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher Radio and TuneIn.

Standard Deliverables

  • Podcast concept development
  • Outline development and script writing
  • Guest booking services including guest scheduling
  • Multi-track production recording
  • Multi-track post production and mixdown
  • Music Into and Outro
  • Graphics if desired
  • Distribution
  • Show notes and Key Takeaways

We work on a three-month production cycle.


Add Ons

Studio Production
Most of our podcasts are recorded using Uberconference. If you prefer studio production, we will record in one of our partner studios in Santa Monica, San Francisco, Seattle, or New York City.

Original Music
We work with several composers to create original music for podcasts and films. If you don’t choose this add on, we work with our composers to select music from their music library and customize it for your podcast.

Sound Effects
We create a sound design for your show, including sound effects and on-location audio.

Distribution to PRX Public Radio Stations
PRX is a service offering podcasts to public radio stations. We prepare your listing on PRX and upload media.

Travel Expenses
If you want an on-site producer during the podcast recordings, there is a perdiem fee, plus travel expenses if any. If you don’t choose this option, we will be recording remotely, with our producer listening in over the phone or VOIP.

We prepare media advisories and media releases to promote your podcast episodes and contact journalists on your behalf. We handle email newsletters and social media feeds about your podcast.


A Note on Ownership

You own all rights to your podcast in perpetuity, in all media and territories, including copyright and all royalty distribution rights.

Podcasting Staff at Red Cup

Lee Schneider is the lead on all podcasting projects. He has 20 years’ experience in media production, spanning television, film and podcasting. He has produced the Be Global Podcast, TechSmart Podcast, Cult/Tech Podcast, Smidge Wines Podcast, Edtech NOW, Inside the Mind of Your Angel Investor, and Storytime Friday Podcast, and has consulted on many more. Dave Mendonca is Red Cup’s booking producer. Tom Disher is our production superviser. He also is a composer who licenses music tracks. David Helpling provides music tracks from his music library. Music is also provided by Ovra Music. Kate Durocher writes articles and develops content. Julie Dwyer Brody creates graphics. We have two assistant editors who assist Lee with editing.


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