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Written by Matthew Otten, DO

Throughout history, various types of media has been used to distribute medical discoveries to the public. From newspapers to radio and then the internet, media has helped the average citizen stay informed about the latest pandemics, cures, and medical advancements. In modern day, the public has thousands of choices at their disposal should they want to learn about any given medical topic – from television to the internet and beyond, there’s something to fulfil any one of our information needs. In recent years, one medium has begun to take the reigns where newspapers, television, and the internet left off – podcasts.

With their specificity, easily consumable nature, and creativity, podcasts seem to be the next logical step in medical information distribution. Podcasts can deal with the popular – the latest diseases, health and wellness crazes, and medical politics – to the niche – true crime in the health world or radical medical innovations – and deliver these stories and information in creative and thought-provoking ways. They’re effortlessly digested – a person can listen to them on the car ride home, in the office, or even while exercising. It’s no wonder that even respected doctors are beginning to jump on the bandwagon and create their own podcast.

With so much good material being produced, it can be hard to choose a podcast which is right for you. This is especially true in the health arena. Doctors have begun to catch on that people enjoy learning about advancements in medical sciences through podcasts. These podcasts demystify disease and spark intrigue in the latest medical advancements. In recent years one medically related topic which has started to gain major attention is Regenerative Therapy.

Recent advancements in stem cell technology have sparked the intrigue and imagination of the world at large. From curing paralysis (as in the case of hockey legend Gordie Howe) to treating degenerative illnesses, these advancements have developed a sort of cult enthusiasm. 

To learn more about this fascinating new medicine, we’ve gathered a few podcasts which meet with expert guest speakers, provide valuable in-depth analysis of mesenchymal stem cells, and curate all of this information in creative and stimulating ways. If you’d like to learn more about regenerative therapy and how doctors are applying this fascinating new medicine, read on.

What are Mesenchymal Stem Cells?

A good place to start to this new journey is the Stem Cell Podcast, a show specifically dedicated to finding and recording the latest advancements and most innovative physicians in the stem cell arena. They talk about degenerative illness treatment, stem cell mechanics, and plenty of radical, far off innovations which we are just breaking ground on.

How Were Mesenchymal Stem Cells Discovered?

For those who would like to know more about the history of these revolutionary new sciences, there’s a podcast for that too. Nature podcast did an informative dive into the history, standards and practices, and application of stem cells since their discovery in mice over 40 years ago. This podcast serves as a good base for anyone seeking general knowledge about past discoveries and how they apply to the world today.

How are Mesenchymal Stem Cells Being Applied in the World of Regenerative Medicine Today?

For a podcast which shifts the attention to the newest applications for mesenchymal stem cells and the doctors who are discovering them McGowan Institute has the perfect stories. They talk with biomedical engineers about treating degenerative illnesses, 3D printing soft tissues, stem cells’s application in plastic surgery, and beyond.


Rapid breakthroughs in regenerative medicine have heralded a new age of information distribution in the medical arena. At the forefront of this movement is an active community of podcasters who hope to tell the stories of the doctors who are paving the way for these radical new therapies. For those who would like to be in the know, and want to do so in an easily digestible way, there are plenty of podcast resources available to learn more and stay informed.

This article was provided by Dr. Otten, who is Board Certified in Sports Medicine. After completing cardiology research with Harvard University and UCSF, Dr. Otten obtained his medical degree from Michigan State University. He has become a leader in the field of Orthobiologics since completing his sports medicine fellowship at Beaumont Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Otten believes strongly in using the body’s own ability to heal itself.

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