This book was developed from our client's already-published blog series. Red Cup wrote additional material for the book, edited the results, supervised the cover design, and formatted the book for digital distribution. The book has been used by our client as an incentive to sign up for our client's mailing list.  It was issued in PDF, MOBI/Kindle, and EPUB editions. 

We were designed to move. Long ago, that capability allowed us to gather food, hunt, and flee predators, but over time mechanization and the drive for efficiency has taken the labor, i.e. movement, out of the majority of our days. In most Western societies, only a small minority work the fields or walk the factory floor. While progress has made our lives much easier, the resulting lack of movement has had a significant negative impact on our health and well-being. We sit almost ten hours a day, resulting in a host of complications. Obesity and diabetes are at near-epidemic levels. For the first time in two centuries, the next generation is expected to have a life expectancy lower than that of their parents. Most of us fail to take action to mitigate the damage. In this book, you’ll learn what this lack of movement is doing to our bodies and our health. You will also learn that undoing that damage is easier than you might think and that it comes with huge side benefits like enhanced productivity, creativity, and sense of well-being.