This book was published by Red Cup in a Kindle edition for Amazon.  It is a compliation of blogs and interviews curated by Kate Durocher and written by Lee Schneider.

How would it feel for you to be in control of your business or personal message?

There are literally hundreds of platforms available which are cheap and sometimes free, which you can use to post ideas, articles, creative work and much more and in this new book – Powerful Online Message Delivery – we will show you how you can take control and use them to your advantage.

With this book, you will give yourself the power to be independent. Just think about that for a second. No more waiting for others to do what you want for a start. You take things into your own hands and navigate your own path to the goals you set.

Simply by creating your own media and sending it to the people who really want it on the platforms they like to use, you will be in total control.

So if you are struggling with the answers and don’t know how to use blogging and website platforms, or audio, video or book platforms, this book can help. If you are an online pro and want to sharpen your game, the book is loaded with insider tips and techniques. Powerful Online Message Delivery is the only book on the subject that you will ever need.