Episode 9 - Jerry Cammarata

Jerry Cammarata was the first male teacher in the history of the New York City Board of Education to be granted paternity leave.  In the 1970s, Jerry’s move blazed a trail for men.  There were no human resources mechanisms in place, no procedures, and Jerry’s four-year leave was unpaid. Paternity leave is common around the world - but still, not so much in the US.

I talk with Jerry about why he did it, what he learned, and what other men can get out of gaining more valuable time with their infant children.  We’ll also talk about the reissue of Jerry’s book, The Fun Book of Fatherhood, A Paternity Leave Dad, Tale of a Pioneer, originally published in 1974.

Parenting is really very complex. We should always remember as parents that the complexity requires a network around us in order to achieve success, that no mom, no dad, or no parents, no loving adults who want to raise children can do it alone. We need to be proactive. We need to be there to support our children. We need to be there to support other children. We need to be involved in the political process. - Jerry Cammarata


The transcript for this episode is coming soon.  Buy Jerry's book on Amazon.

Jerry Cammarata on the Baby Crazy Podcast