Episode 8 - Priya Rajendran

Priya Rajendran is a mom, a software engineer, and technology veteran, who lead the team that built the Wallet that now powers all of PayPal’s Mobile apps. She is the founder of S’moresUp which helps manage your family life right from your mobile phone, helping with kids' chores and schedules. Priya and I talk about work-life balance, why when mom is happy, everyone’s happy, and how to make the 24/7 schedule of a startup work when you are a parent.

I grew up in India and I was a classical dancer. I gave up dancing for the past twenty-five years and I just picked it up again. I do think that it's very important to spend some time for yourself to do the things that you like. -- Priya Rajendran


S'MoresUp is free on the Apple Store and Google Play, and is also available at Amazon.