Episode 5 - Sam Lamott

This episode is a free-range conversation with Sam Lamott that begins with a discussion of art and failure, and soon zeroes in on how fathers are imperfect but vital role models.

We ask: How can we be fathers without the labels, without the definitions, without worrying what other people think?

As Sam puts it, what matters to him is that his son will see him thrive, “because at the end of the day I am this young man's first role model. He'll have way cooler or more impressive role models down the road I'm sure, but I'm the first one. I'm his template essentially.”

I didn't have a dad so I didn't really know what that meant. I just knew that I had a chance to make sure that my son had a dad. At least if I was alive and in his life he could have something that I didn't. - Sam Lamott

Check out Sam's blog, podcast and website project called Hello Humans. It covers a lot of ground, from creativity to forgiveness, to failure and success and starting over.

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