Episode 3 - Dr. Dona Matthews

Dr. Dona Matthews on the Baby Crazy PodcastHave you ever wondered how intelligent your kid really is? 

In this episode I speak with Dr. Dona Matthews about intelligence in kids. Dr. Matthews is a developmental psychologist and coauthor with Dr. Joanna Foster of Beyond Intelligence: Secrets for Raising Happily Productive Kids.

What is intelligence? How do you define it, encourage it, and develop it? How does it change over time?  

Dr. Matthews has been involved in teaching, writing, counseling, consulting, and conducting research on children and adolescents since 1985. She has taught child and adolescent development at the University of Toronto and Hunter College, City University of New York, and writes a parenting blog for Psychology Today.

The parent should be asking not "how smart is my kid?" but "how how is my child smart?"  - Dr. Dona Matthews



Key Takeaways from this Episode

3:24 The attitude of welcoming failure is what makes the difference between somebody who does continue to learn and grow and tends to be a lot more successful and somebody who tries to avoid setbacks and failures and does not grow.

12:16 By being calm and patient and present and loving, by listening to your child, you won't go wrong.

14:08 In some ways younger parents have a big advantage because they don't have their their way of living their life as set as an older parent.

 14:47 People they enter their 40s have the capacity to become more reflective. And that is really good for children.

19:26 My recommendation to parents is don't get stuck in thinking about test scores. I've seen a lot of parents get a high IQ score and they say the kid is set for life. Well, no.

20:07 Understand that their brain is developing. It will continue to develop all through their lives. And you as the parent make a big difference in how well that will happen. 

21:18 To a parent one of my frequent messages is be open to change.  A kid who's extremely interested in math as a little kid may or may not stay interested in math.

25:04 The parent should be asking not "how smart is my kid" but "how how is my child smart?" 

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