Stackup is a Chrome browser extension used by teachers to track their students’ learning online. Job seekers use Stackup to validate their online reading for employers. Life hackers and quantified self people who want to track their online experiences are also fans. Stackup users have already logged 100,000 hours of learning on the platform, visiting 300,000 websites. Google has selected the Stackup team as a high-growth potential startup. Stackup is also being considered for a Google Education Development partnership.

Stackup needed traction and validation with the media. Additional media helps startups grow their user base and also provides a validator for potential investors.  Red Cup has a large journalist database and can put education tech startups in front of the right writers. We developed a list of local (Denver) and national education/technology writers we believed would have an interest in Stackup. As is often the case, local writers found the story first. Stackup was featured in The Denver Post, the Denver Business Journal, and FOX31, a local television station.

Several major education conferences were going on as our pitches were going to journalists.  We used these events as talking points in our pitches as well as meeting points for Stackup’s founder and journalists.  Red Cup provided media coaching to help Stackup’s founder make the best of interviews with journalists.

Stackup found fast success in media and is being considered for more articles in national online publications, segments on public radio, and more. Stackup’s founder has become a reliable source for media quotes about EdTech.

Red Cup was also able to provide the founder with valuable feedback about what resonated with Stackup’s potential audience. Stackup is used by various cohorts (lifehackers, job seekers, as well as students and teachers) but our initial pitches showed that the education market was the most viable among early adopters.  By reverse engineering some of our press response, we were able to provide valuable market research for Stackup.  The company is also featured on Red Cup’s popular cult/tech podcast.