Red Cup creates a podcast about wine for a popular audience.

Smidge Wines is a prestigious brand created by Matt Wenk in Australia. Highly-rated by James Halliday’s Australian Wine Companion, Smidge is made in small batches with a careful attention to detail.  Its chief winemaker, Matt Wenk, is known throughout Australia, and also in the UK and Asia, for his tastings and cellar door events. When he makes a tasting video, it’s widely appreciated.

Red Cup wanted to bring some of his knowledge and warmth to a wider audience online, and do it in a low-friction way. A podcast was the perfect solution. The Smidge podcast is produced via Skype, with Matt in Adelaide and Lee Schneider, Red Cup’s communications director, interviewing from Santa Monica.

Red Cup provides editorial direction for the podcast and generates story ideas. Red Cup handles all music licensing, post production and posting to Soundcloud, iTunes and Stitcher. The result is a fun, easy project that has lasting value for Smidge, communicating Matt Wenk’s winemaking expertise to a wide audience while creating broader positioning for Smidge.

At Red Cup, we’re podcast veterans. We started back in 2010 with the Be Global Podcast, a series about tech developers and designers who were collaborating online.  We moved on produce thirty episodes of the TechSmart Podcast, which covered crowdfunding, new media and business innovators.  We are in production now on the Red Cup cult/tech podcast, which is about the culture of technology, and we also produce a short form podcast (just about eight minutes or so) called Storytime Friday.

Client Objective:

  • Media Creation

Services Provided:

  • Podcast booking
  • Editorial
  • Post Production
  • Music Licensing
  • Distribution