Launching a new restaurant location with an online marketing plan.

“Lee Schneider’s Red Cup Agency has become a huge asset to our business. Lee’s organization and writing skills help us pull together our many thoughts and ideas into a cohesive, well planned, targeted social media campaign. Best of all, he makes all the technical parts happen.  Red Cup is like having a full-blown social media marketing department in house at a fraction of the cost. Lee is a pleasure to work with, bringing us down to a level-headed, calm place in our harried world. We highly recommend Red Cup.”

-Rob Jacobs and Ann Gentry, Real Food Daily


We’d been working with the popular California restaurant brand Real Food Daily for more than a year, planning social media campaigns, consulting on a new website, and researching blog posts, when  owner Ann Gentry invited us to become part of a new campaign.

Real Food Daily has two Southern California locations, and Ann was thinking about opening a third in Pasadena. We had already done social media to promote Ann’s latest book, but this was a new challenge: how to promote a restaurant that was only contemplated, and that didn’t yet exist.

We decided that we needed data first, so Red Cup launched an online customer satisfaction survey. The goal of the survey was to gather demographic information about who was visiting the existing Real Food Daily locations and to learn more about what they liked about eating at those locations. We wanted to see if RFD patrons would consider a new restaurant in the Pasadena location. The survey went out on the restaurant mailing list, on Facebook and Twitter. Building surveys is an art and we worked closely with RFD’s marketing consultants to deliver the information they needed most.

Since we had dedicated months to making those channels strong (more than 8,000 people on the mailing list, 7,000 on Facebook, and 12,000 on Twitter) we received more than a thousand responses. The data not only helped us plan our campaign, but it was strong enough to provide marketing and demographic information to investors and backers of the planned Pasadena location. Later on, we launched a second online survey about social media to learn how RFD patrons communicated online and what they considered their most popular channels.

With this information in hand, we were ready to determine how the campaign would roll out. Since our online channels were strong, we would leverage those, sending out promotional messages on Facebook, Twitter and the mailing list. We also decided to chronicle the evolution and construction of the new location with a series of on-location videos featuring Ann doing walk throughs as the new location went up.

The videos brought potential patrons into the process and built great anticipation for the opening in Pasadena.  When that day came, there was a line out the door and the new location continues to do great business.

Through production planning, guided by our online surveys, and working in concert with Real Food Daily’s staff and publicity consultants, Red Cup created a cohesive online campaign that contributed to the strong opening of the new Pasadena location.

Social influence by Red Cup Agency

Client Objective

  • Digital campaign to support a restaurant opening

Services Provided

  • Business intelligence
  • Online survey
  • Blog support