Red Cup provides editorial assistance for a series of profile stories to support an education program for women.

Her Story is a series of profiles developed for OptIn, a program to help women re-enter the workforce who have taken time off to raise a family or be caregivers. OptIn needed to create a series of examples in storytelling form to show prospective program applicants how OptIn understood their situation and how OptIn might be able to help them. After consulting with Kerry Dolan, founder of OptIn, we knew that narrative storytelling was the way to go. She knew a few women who were willing to share their stories. We had to find more. Red Cup placed notices in ProfNet and Help a Reporter Out (two services often used by journalists to seek sources for stories), screened the responses, conducted interviews over the phone or via mail, and wrote up the stories. Kate Durocher, Red Cup’s media outreach person, conducted the interviews and wrote the profiles. Lee Schneider, Red Cup’s communications director, edited them. OptIn staffers also wrote up profiles.

The result was a strong series of storylines, representing women from all walks of life, sharing their journey through motherhood and work. The stories became a strong source of visitors to OptIn’s website, were used as social media posts, provided proof of concept for educational seminars and webinars that OptIn runs, and will be collected into an ebook.

Editorial work is one of Red Cup’s strengths. We have supported clients like Safe Ducky and as they developed blogs and newsletters.