Effective book promotion focuses on building a community of readers. 

When Melissa A. Woods came to Red Cup to promote her novel Getting Past Anxiety the book was already published in a paperback edition. She was seeking a broader platform for the novel and for her developing speaking career. We started by securing guest spots for her on podcasts. Podcasts are a great way to learn more about public speaking. Authors can explore topics that resonate with their audience and get comfortable with the audio format.

Research showed us that Facebook would be the most effective social channel to build a community of readers. We started programming with reposts of articles from publications like Psychology Today, Prevention and Thrive with themes would appeal to the book’s audience. We moved on to posting chapter excerpts from the book, guest posts about the topics of the book, and reviews. We also posted to Twitter using hashtags such as #thisiswhatanxietylookslike, made famous by writer Sarah Fader. (Melissa has also appeared on Sarah Fader’s podcast.)

To build a community base for books, Red Cup works with both paid and unpaid reviewers. Reviewers add to a book’s credibility and also discoverability since reviews are posted on Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads, and other sites, often with links back to the author’s website or sales page.

Guest posts are another important part of creating community for a book. We write our own guest posts, commission writers to create others, and encourage volunteer posts covering the topics and issues of the books we represent. With Getting Past Anxiety the topics we’ve written on to support the book include how to handle anxiety in the workplace, holistic solutions for insomnia, depression, and anxiety, and working through stage fright. Red Cup has developed relationships with editors in high-traffic blogs and publications such as PsychCentralBackstage, and Prevention who will consider our posts for publication. Literary blogs have published chapter excerpts from Getting Past Anxiety.

Getting Past Anxiety is available on Amazon and in Barnes & Noble bookstores nationally. Red Cup has also produced an ebook and audiobook edition of the book.

Whether nonfiction or novel, each book has a core audience to build first. Once we understand that core audience, what it wants, and where it gets its information, then we can create an effective promotional program and not only sells books, but also which builds credibility for the author and, in Melissa’s case, builds her growing career as a public speaker.

Social influence by Red Cup Agency