EdTech NOW is a ten-minute podcast that covers real world uses of education tech in the K-12 classroom. The podcast is designed to be teacher-friendly and useful to school administrators who are deciding on the technology to use in their classrooms and schools. We also look toward the future, examining how tech is changing education and education careers. The podcast is sponsored by our client Stackup.

Before we started production, we researched the most influential voices in education technology today. We used our research platform, Meltwater, as well as Facebook groups, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our goal was to capture a diverse set of interviewees all over the US, who work with students in K-12 environments. We were also interested in having podcast conversations with school administrators and thought leaders.  We built a database of about 60 potential guests for our episode order of 10 podcasts.

Production of the podcast is via Uberconference, a VOIP platform. If our interviewees need a microphone, we shipped them a USB headset or table mic to ensure high audio quality. We commissioned a custom music track from DHM Music Design and custom graphics from our graphic designer, Julie Dwyer.

When it was time for post-production, we initiated a multi-track production then and mixdown through Auphonic. The podcast was posted first to Soundcloud, and then syndicated to iTunes, Stitcher Radio and PRX, the public radio platform. We supported the each podcast episode with detailed show notes that were posted to our blog, to social media channels, and also to our Medium blog.

Podcasts provide strong backlinks for our client – they are listed in every show description and mentioned in every post. When the episodes are shared online, Stackup benefits from the exposure. Another benefit is network building in the educational tech community. The podcast has made friends, connected like-minded educators and technologists, and built strong network that will endure well beyond the initial episode order.