An e-book launch on Amazon with ad placement,  social media support and press outreach.

A successful Amazon e-book launch has many moving parts. In this case study of the Kindle edition of Tabby Biddle’s “Find Your Voice: A Women’s Call to Action” we will discuss how to get your book to a #1 ranking.

First, determine  the online audience for the book. That’s different from the offline audience, because it means locating “neighborhoods” on the Internet that have little or nothing to do with your physical geography. The neighborhoods  determined by the depth and range of your Twitter feed,  your persona and reach on Facebook, how many active members of your mailing list there are, and how often you are willing to ping those folks to ask them buy your book. Often we run test Facebook ads to help us determine the right audience. When we get that right, usually after 3-5 days, we have a low-cost ad series running that is telling us a lot about what our audience likes and favors.

We were able to create targeted Facebook ads for Ms. Biddle’s book. She also was able to leverage her own mailing list to mobilize her friends, family and followers.  For a one-day special, we offered the book for free to anybody who wanted it, and also offered free copies to reviewers for a limited time.

Readers often make a decision to buy based on reviews, so building the network of reviewers was crucial to helping the book reach #1 status on Amazon. We also carefully evaluated the category in which the book would be listed. Some categories, such as romance fiction, have many books in them, and competition is fierce. Others have fewer books, and consequently there is less competition for the top slots.

We have successfully employed this strategy for many book launches: Determine the audience, pick the best category with an appropriate amount of competition, offer the book for free for a limited time, develop online networks, encourage reviewers to write about the book.

The launch of Find Your Voice also benefitted from a press outreach campaign. We issued a press release and wrote to journalists who would be interested in the book’s topic of feminine leadership.

As a result of our campaign, the book was a #1 Amazon Bestseller in two categories (Leadership and Women’s Studies) and it has garnered an ever-increasing list of five-star reviews. It continues to sell steadily in a Kindle edition and also in a paperback edition subsequently released. Based upon the success of the book and the press behind it, Ms. Biddle has spoken at TEDx event, and has received international media coverage on blogs and in full-page spreads in magazines.

Red Cup Agency ebook production services

Client Objective:

  • Amazon e-book launch

Services Provided:

  • Audience analysis
  • Amazon listing analysis
  • Facebook ad campaign
  • Promotion strategy
  • Press outreach