UnSit is a startup that produces and markets an underdesk treadmill. The community of users and potential customers spans fitness people, lawyers who want to stay fit at work, and others who spend a lot of time on the phone or writing at a desk. Our objective was to build brand awareness for this new company.

We started by booking UnSit co-founder Rob Jacobs on popular fitness, business, and productivity podcasts.

Then we moved on to commissioning articles for the UnSit website. We specialized in use cases from people who had a standing desk or treadmill desk. Guest posting also proved to be a valuable channel for the brand. We used our relationships with editors to have our article be considered for publication as guest posts or commentary in blogs such as Emerging EdTech. Red Cup also issued press releases when UnSit announced its award, the #Walkie.

We believe in repurposing material when possible. Articles we commissioned were often used in the UnSit email newsletter. It was a a natural extension of our guest posting work to collect all our blogs and articles into a ebook for UnSit. UnSit Yourself was produced over the course of a month. Lee Schneider was the lead editor, collecting materials from a team of writers. Production involved editorial work, copy editing, cover and interior graphic design, and formatting for PDF, EPUB, and Kindle editions.

The ebook is available exclusively over the UnSit network after signing up for their email newsletter. It’s a valuable incentive to build mailing list subscriptions and the UnSit community of fans and customers.

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