Ambassadors of Joy is a ten-episode podcast bridging the narratives of spirituality, conscious living, and business through illuminating, accessible, and contagious conversations.

The creators, Amy and Priya, knew the audience they wanted to reach before we started production. I consulted with them on show outlines and structure, and we discussed release schedules and promotion. Since they came into the process with a strong concept already they were great partners and right away we could start having fun with the show.

They started the early episodes by viewing popular business books through their personal lens, digging into business theories as journeys toward abundance, clarity, well-being, and purpose. For later episodes they lined up guests as “case studies” to speak about their business successes and challenges through a spiritual perspective.

I booked and scheduled their guests and arranged for studio time in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. Amy and Priya recorded the initial episodes together with our San Francisco Studio partner, Disher Sound, and the later episodes with Priya in San Francisco and Amy with our New York studio partner, Argot Studios. Although that might sound complicated, we do most of our podcasting with multiple studio setups in distant cities just like this.

Working with Key Vermeil I edited the episodes, included music and distributed them through Simplecast and RSS syndication. A great help to the post-production process was Trint, a transcription service that works nearly instantly.

Client Objective

  • Launching a new podcast

Services Offered

  • Show development
  • Guest scheduling
  • Studio booking
  • Production
  • Post-Production
  • Distribution