Episode 2 - Jennifer Walker

Jennifer Walker and Laura Hunter were on-call nurses for a busy pediatric practice in Atlanta. They realized parents needed help with their questions and they needed fast answers. They found during their in-home visits that parents often had the same concerns — like “why do babies fuss? or “why is my baby crying?” So they made a folder in simple outline form. That was the start of Moms On Call.

Now, three books and two apps later — plus a worldwide consulting practice through various digital communications (phone, email, video conferencing)— Moms on Call has become a consultation service for parents who need practical, real-life answers they can put into practice now.

Some of us live near grandma or near parents or friends who can give us advice. For those of us who don’t, who can you ask who has years of experience and the most up-to-date information?  You can try calling your pediatrician every few minutes — I know, I remember trying that. You can read all the books you can get your hands on. Or there’s Moms On Call.

Here’s my conversation with Jennifer Walker.

Great parents have kids that misbehave. We're not making perfectly behaved robot toddlers.

-- Jennifer Walker

Key Takeaways

4:24 What we've noticed is that the older the parent is, and the harder that they had to try to get this child, the more pressure that they've put on themselves.

5:37 Perfection is not on the table. Let's just take that off the table and recognize that in fact in our mistakes and in our searching for the right way to do things we actually are doing it right.

12:50 At Moms On Call we always tell parents that right before bed, we'll give them three household rules they can understand. We say, I love you. I believe in you. And I'll see you when the sun comes up, and that's just that simple and truthful element of how nighttime works.

15:09 You know, we tried to find a way to help parents to recognize that some of the challenges they face are not necessarily because of poor parenting style.  A lot of the challenges they face are because toddlers are designed differently.

18:53 The ingredients for making a well-adjusted child are love, a sense of structure

25:55 Oftentimes giving parents the words and the structure to say "it's OK to be frustrated, but it's not OK to hijack the whole emotional atmosphere of the house.

29:55 There's not this ideal parent who whisks through life always saying the exact correct thing at the right time and everybody is always so happy, no. There's beautiful chaos. It's a give and take.

Jennifer Walker of Moms on Call on the Baby Crazy Podcast