Red Cup is on Your Podcast Team

Finding guests for your podcast takes time. It is an art and also a science. Red Cup is on your team. We have your back when it comes to developing topics for you and finding the guests who can speak to them.

Here’s a look at our process. We start with a podcast development order. We ask you for keywords to describe your podcast.  Then we run those keywords through our tracking software to discover the most popular topics to build around them.

The keyword field of trending themes helps build to our next step – discovering the guests who might make your show go viral. We seek is the guest with a great story to tell, who often has a strong social following online, and who can bring an audience of friends and fans to your show.
The research we provide is custom-made for you. We look at the Shar of Voice for your podcast and podcasts like yours, and also for popular topics. We look at msovedia influencers who are discussing your topic on blogs, other podcasts, and traditional media. We give you a ranking of all this info so you can make the best decisions and we can seek out the best topics and guests for you.

Whether you want to work through all that information yourself or let us do it, we come to the same place. Red Cup sorts through all the research and delivers a list of researched topics that will work for your podcast and the potential guests to go with them. Once you approve the guest list, Red Cup handles booking and scheduling so you can do the creative work of creating your best podcast.

Want a report of your own?  Get started with a podcast development order. Here’s the link.  Learn more about the people behind Red Cup Agency.

Our services include editorial assistance for podcasting and blogging, traditional PR services like press releases and journalist outreach, and Facebook advertising.  We work with startups and growth companies in education tech, medical tech and food tech. View some case studies showing our media and PR success stories and why they worked.