Outlier Podcast Festival

Next weekend Red Cup founder Lee Schneider is moderating two panels at the Outlier Podcast Festival. If you’re in LA, stop on by. Both panels are on Saturday, September 14th. Details here.

GOING HOLLYWOOD: Get Your Podcast Optioned by a Network or Studio

The panel will reveal what it takes to bring a podcast property to market in film and TV and how to understand and navigate the ecosystem of podcast adaption. We’ll bring in successful case studies and break out success strategies. The panel includes an entertainment industry manager, a studio head, and a producer who is prepping his podcast for industry pitches.

FICTION STORYTELLING: Acting, Directing, and Writing the Audio Drama

This panel is all about creating successful podcast audio dramas. We will discuss how to make podcast dramas from the actor’s, director’s and writer’s perspective, and we also have a sound designer on the panel to talk tech. The panelists include GK Bowes, star of my audio drama Privacy Pod, Michelle Agresti, an actor in the legendary science fiction audio drama Wolf 359, Claudia Dolph, producer/writer/director and actor in SOLDADERA, an audio drama which is part of the FutureX Podcast Network, and her sound designer Evan Schletter.

Hope to see you there! Get tickets.

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