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Being a mobile podcaster presents some unique challenges because of the potential fickleness of your equipment or recording area. You have to keep it relevant and still maintain the quality of your feed. Here are some of the things to focus on when you’re on the go and still want to reach your followers.

Be Prepared

Always have your equipment on hand if you find it easiest to record when you’re traveling or at destinations. Even if this means that you’re using your phone for an impromptu interview, you need to have the necessary items on hand to keep your audience interested. Make sure to fine tune your audio before you begin. If people can’t hear what’s being said, they’re more likely to tune you out. It can create some buzz if you are able to utilize multiple formats for your podcasts.

Invest in Equipment

The type of equipment that you use can make a difference in the number of your followers. Using high quality equipment, even if it’s just a well-made microphone and recording app on your phone, can make your job a little easier in the editing department. You won’t have to cut out things that just didn’t come through well. Another thing to consider is mobile device life cycle management. Your devices will eventually be out-of-date. Keeping up on software upgrades and improving the quality of your equipment is an important part of being a successful podcaster. You will want to invest in lightweight, easy to carry recording equipment that can handle movement and that filters out excessive noise.

Use Cloud Based Storage

Being able to upload your casts can ensure that you don’t lose out on that great interview. This is especially good when you’re on the go because your equipment may not have the storage capacity that you need for the job. You don’t have to wait until you get home to release your latest cast when you use a cloud based storage system. This will allow you to reach your followers at a faster rate and offer them something that will really pique their interest. If you specialize in travel, interview, or immediate experience-focused podcasts, then speedy updates can make up for a potential lack of audio quality.

Stay Up with Edits

Edit your podcasts frequently so that you can release them at a faster rate. You don’t want to leave your audience waiting on you. They may decide to start listening to another podcast. The stories and interviews that you complete could even be less relevant if you don’t edit and release them quickly. Invest in an app that will allow you to edit from any type of device. This will let you get more material if you aren’t wasting all of your time in the editing department.

Traveling can provide you with good material to keep your followers on their toes. Use these tips to help you in your podcasting endeavors when you’re out and about. You don’t need your own studio to record an informative and interesting podcast!

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