Written by Phillip Gomez

Whoever said content is king may have just seen the two million podcast files indexed by Google. As an internet marketing agency, every marketing technique should always be taken under consideration to dominate the playing field. Identifying the goals you want to achieve, coupled with a set target audience, could prove beneficial to your marketing efforts in the realm of podcasting. 

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  • In 2018, there were nearly 525,000 active podcast programs. 
  • Over 53% of Spotify listeners were in the millennial age range (18-27) just in the past year. 
  • According to The Podcast Trends Report (2018) more than 61% of people preferred listening to podcasts versus watching TV.  

Clearly, the audiences for podcasting are growing. Should you market your business using a podcast?

What is Podcast Marketing?

First order of business—what exactly is podcast marketing? A podcast is a digital audio file that records a person or a group of people talking about related topics to articulate a specific objective. Podcast marketing is the practice of advertising your company, albeit being a guest speaker or creating and producing your own podcast show. 

Where Does My Business Fit in?

Since the majority of people are listening to podcasts amidst their everyday routine, it makes sense that you are hyper” targeting your audience. The number of listeners can vary across different demographics, meaning you can advertise to audiences that may not have been on your radar. Thus, translating into listenership and generating brand-new leads to catapult your business to success. 

Building Formidable Relationships 

By partaking in podcast marketing, formidable relationships will be solidified with your audience. Podcasts create a more personal connection with listeners. Why? Because podcasts eliminate all visual aids and focus on one of the five senses: sound. 

Just listening alone is reported to show greater levels of engagement and attachment. Knowing this, you are encouraged to showcase your personality and shed light on unique talking points listeners can find exclusively on the podcast. This connection allows the audience to resonate with the message you are conveying. 

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SEO is the central powerhouse surrounding every internet marketing agency’s campaign. Do you ever find yourself searching for podcasts where you haven’t even finished typing yet, and the title automatically generates as the top result? This is exactly where SEO plays a role.

Since podcasts always have a title and a brief description for every uploaded file, this makes it much easier for search algorithms to index and generate the appropriate information. Especially if your company is guesting on an active podcast, guest websites are always linked. Backlinks redirect to your website, thereby increasing coveted site traffic. 

Brand Association 

Last, but certainly not least, is brand association. The more you advertise your company, the better audiences will immediately recognize your brand. Ranging from a branded slogan to cover art, these elements should be embedded on the podcast page and expressed throughout the listeners’ ears. 

To take brand association a step further, use branded podcast material and post it throughout your social media pages. This helps get the word out about upcoming content they can only find on your podcast. By easily bridging communication from previously brand associated mediums, this leads your audience to recognizing your brand through podcasts. 

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Do You Need Podcast Marketing Solutions?

Podcasts are the new marketing tool you never thought you needed. With the uncanny ability to reach listeners with thousands of podcasts and counting, all roads lead to podcast marketing. If you are looking to elevate your marketing efforts, look no further than Digital Resource! As your leading internet marketing agency, we increase lead generation and deliver results. Contact us today to learn how you can take advantage of our instant SEO scan.

Phillip Gomez is a writer and internet marketer. He lives in New York. He loves to play and watch outdoor games. He is a big fan of baseball and soccer. He writes about business insights, finance, media, and entertainment.

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