A podcast created or produced by a brand is a great way to reach a new audience. Your customers might not want to read your content. Instead, they will want to listen to it.

According to the Pew Research Center, 51% of Americans age 12 and older listen to podcasts, 32% listen to a podcast monthly, and 22% listen weekly, .

Podcasting is a fine marketing tool.

A podcast has the potential to increase brand awareness, gain leads for you, and establish its creators as thought leaders in their industry. If you want to connect with your audience in a new way and attract even more customers, you might consider starting your own podcast for your business.

There are  many reasons why small businesses should include a podcast in their digital marketing strategy. According to a recent study by the Digital Marketing Institute, only 3% of marketers use podcasts as their primary form of content marketing. Here’s your chance to be an early adopter.

Podcasts and well-researched content help you bring your ideas to the world in a new way that people can enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you’re the first in your industry to create a podcast, or one of the brands that adopted podcasting early on. Companies that want to attract the attention of their audiences should consider creating podcasts as part of their organization’s marketing strategy. Right up front, here are two primary advantages of starting your own business podcast.

  •  You’ll give people more opportunities to consume your content and hear from experts on your team, making you more relevant.
  •  Starting a podcast allows you to build up a network of very influential people.

If you are still reading this, it means that you are really curious about making a podcast. While some might argue that the world doesn’t need any more podcasts, we at Red Cup Agency believe say that if you offer value and opportunity to your customers, why not try? Look at podcasting as a strategy, not as content.

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