Written by Alex Mazzoleni

Creating a musical theme to introduce your new podcast is sometimes one of the biggest issues when you start producing your own new podcast. The difficulty of the process comes from the fact that this theme has to be catchy and short, but long enough to introduce the show, without annoying the audience. In a few words, the perfect Intro theme will entertain and please the listeners.

Why do we need an intro theme?

Simple. Because the intro theme is a key element that gives identity to your podcast. The Intro theme is the watermark that will make the audience aware of the fact that they’re listening to YOUR show, and not someone else’s.

What’s the perfect length for a good intro theme?

As already said above, there’s not a specific length for the perfect Intro theme. What’s important is that the Theme ends before getting annoying. The perfect length is, among others, dependent on the type of audience, style and content of your show.

What elements does a good intro theme need to include?

The elements you can include in an Intro theme are pretty much uncountable. You could possibly consider using a soundtrack with a nice rhythm, then you could add some famous quotes, noises, sport comments, or anything related to the main topic of your show. There’s no perfect technique here, be creative and original.

What software should I use to craft a good Intro theme?

There are many options. I’m going to suggest two: a paid software and a free alternative. If you have the chance to use Adobe Audition, it will make the process very easy and smooth. Otherwise, Audacity will do the job.

Where can I take samples of music to use?

If you’re not a musician, and you’re not able to create your own audio track, don’t worry, we got you covered! The web is full of websites that offer music samples, for free or for small amounts of money. A couple of good examples are Looperman and Envato.

How can I select the perfect track for my intro theme?

You will probably have to play a lot of tracks before finding the right one. There are no rules in this case, the perfect song will just feel right. You’ll understand what I mean when you’ll come across the one. Open your mind and don’t give up after only a few songs. This process could take hours!

How to craft the Intro theme for my show?

After selecting the soundtrack and all the elements that will feature in the Intro theme of your show, the time to build the actual audio track has finally come.

Make sure that what you have in mind is something unique and that all the files you’re about to use are royalty free.

Import the main sample of the soundtrack into the software and start working on it. Make sure to crop the track making it the right length and to add all those elements that will give a unique flavor to the track. Remember, the main purpose of an Intro theme is to introduce our show to the audience, so we want to get them in the right mood. Make sure to transfer the right vibes to your audience with your Intro theme.

You can also find online guides on How to Make a Successful Podcast or How to Build Your own Podcast Recording Studio on websites like Job Wherever.

Don’t forget, conducting research is the key to success!

How do I know that the Intro theme of my show works effectively?

The only way to find out is asking for feedback. In general, a unique and peculiar Intro theme will automatically generate the necessity for people to comment on your social networks, congratulating you for the opening track of your show. But that might not happen. If so, make sure to ask people for real and honest opinions. Their feedback will make the difference when you’ll decide to keep or to dump the Theme.


There’s no secret technique for crafting a perfect Intro theme. You only need creativity, good ideas and the ability to fairly judge your job. If you’ll be honest with yourself and you’ll try to pursue your goal, it won’t be hard for you to obtain a catchy and unique Theme that will introduce your show to the audience, creating great expectations and curiosity. Good Luck!

About the Author

Alex Mazzoleni is a Journalist and Media Producer based in Dublin. He works on podcasting and video making for Job Wherever.

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