Written by John Packham

When it comes to creating content, the challenge can be to continually create content on a regular basis. Sure, everyone starts out with good intentions, but even professional writers run out of ideas from time to time.

Writer’s block is a real thing for anyone who publishes blogs online – it’s not just for book writers anymore. So if you have been suffering from a lack of content creation for your business or blog, try this trick to come up with 100 blog ideas in ten minutes. Seriously, you can create a year’s worth of content ideas in just ten minutes. Maybe even less if you write fast! That’s enough content ideas for 2 blog posts a week for an entire year. Let’s get started.

Take the High Road

Let’s start by saying it’s easier to walk down a mountain than it is to walk up a mountain, so rather than struggle to come up with ideas that fit into your business or blog concept, start with the high-level ideas. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down one word that describes your business. For example, if you run a shoe store, you might write down words such as retail or shoes. Rather than worry about how you are going to get 100 ideas for blogs, keep following along to see how the ideas will flow organically, starting from the top of the mountain.

Choose a Path

When walking down the mountain, you might have to negotiate tricky slopes or a variety of paths. But what if there are no paths? You need to create them! Sound familiar? Here’s how to create paths for your mountain walk – or, blog! Using the high-level word you wrote down (retail, shoes) write down 10 words to describe that word. Using the retail example, you might write: shoes, sizing, styles, price, location, travel, youth, running, city, pain. Now you are starting to generate ideas that you can use to write blogs later on. As you write down these 10 words, start thinking about how you might put those words together to create blog ideas. For example, you might think about how foot pain prevents people from wearing certain styles of shoes. You can use combinations like this to help you generate blog ideas. Let’s talk more about that formula now.

Ten by Ten

The final step to creating 100 blog ideas for your business or blog is to take the ten words you wrote down in the previous step and write down ten more ideas under each category. If you find you are coming up short, consider pairing words in certain combinations to create blog ideas. For example, “where you find running shoes for a low price;” “Sizing options for youth;” or “how to pick the right style shoe for travel.” Write down ten options under each of the ten categories above. If you can’t formulate complete topic ideas, write down single words and continue to pair them together to help you generate blog titles and topics. When you finish putting the words and combinations of words together, you’ll have 100 blog topics.

So don’t put off building a robust blog for your business or side hustle just because you are short on ideas. There’s no need to sit in front of a blank page wondering what you are going to write to dazzle your audience. When you are creating your ten by ten lists, try approaching them from different perspectives for even more ideas. For example, if you are focusing on retail shoe stores, try thinking about manufacturing, wholesale, trends, or exporting. Each new category of ideas will yield a ten by ten list that you can use to create new content over and over again. And if you don’t have ten minutes to come up with 100 blog ideas, start with four or five ideas and generate four or five concepts under each category to help you create a jumping off point for your blog.

About the Author

John Packham: Having grown up in a family owned business and now working as the Content Director for Karrass – a company specializing in negotiation training for businesses – John is grateful for the many opportunities he’s had to share his passion for business and writing.


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