A podcast can serve as a promising jumping off point for a brand of any kind, and here’s how you can use it to boost your brand awareness.

Written by Natasha Lane

In 2019, podcasting is not what you’d call a fledgling format, but it can be counted among those that are still at the early stage of their evolution. Even though podcasting was invented in 2004, it took about ten years for it to become popular. The proliferation of the format made it a strong platform for the promotion ideas, IP, and products.

The best way to have your voice heard

In the 21st century, a great business can be built squarely on the foundations of digital marketing. Harnessing the overwhelming power of free multimedia and social networks in a heavily interconnected world is an exciting prospect for creative entrepreneurs. Social media is still an effective tool, but the podcast – one of the clearest ways to have your voice heard – is hogging the spotlight as the number-one mean of promoting a brand.

An edge over the competition

A podcast is a good freeform creative endeavor that gives you a carte blanche framework to create anything that relates to your brand, while it is simultaneously an amazing marketing tool that lends you the edge over the competition. In fact, there is a great chance that, if you have a specific type of startup in a narrow field, competition did not even consider launching a podcast. Such circumstances render small business podcasts a viable option in 2019 when more than 50% of US households are subscribed to at least one such audio show.

A labor of love

In addition, it has never been as easy to produce a podcast as it is today since every potential creator that plunges into the proper streams and channels of the web can find savvy producers and promoters that have an invaluable experience behind them. If you are developing a brand and a product, you’ll hardly have enough time on your hands to develop a podcast by yourself, so you need to delegate part of that project to third parties. The intrinsic factor that makes or breaks a successful podcast is a good collaboration between members of the team, and if podcasting is not your primary mean of building the business, this should be your number-one golden rule.

Heed professional advice

Let’s take it that you have already begun discussing particularities of your podcasts with the assembled team of dedicated experts. The first thing you should be concerned with is to create an authentic voice that will give all listeners something unique to latch onto. If you are not that familiar with the podcast landscape, you should probably rely on the advice of more experienced personnel. It needs to be unique in order to ‘stand out’ of the crowd.

You should also consult an SEO specialist in order to pinpoint the best keywords and phrases for descriptions that can ensure maximized visibility. A graphic designer can have one efficient brainstorm session with you before they create a compelling logo and thumbnail (1400×1400 pixels is what you require). All things considered, heeding advice from professionals in different fields can build a podcast that will definitely boost your brand awareness.

Increase visibility

In order to promote your brand through a podcast, you need to increase your ‘visibility’ by tackling a range of topics which are currently trending and related to your field. Think of it as node-based network creation, where each topic at least partially related to the brand, intent and/or the product you are selling. If your brand pertains to a truly specific field, you have a great chance to create a niche audience that will be faithful and come back for more. Just get behind the microphone, and start sharing your thoughts in the most compelling way you can – your passion will shine through, and you will establish yourself as an authority in a field.

Impose limitations upon yourself

There are several limitations you should impose upon yourself since you are only beginning with the podcast adventure. First of all, you should commit to the first season and see how it goes. Don’t waste time and energy on charting out an entire series and a range of overarching topics that you might potentially cover. Furthermore, keep your episode between 20 and 30 minutes long and don’t go overboard, at least for the time being.

If you are contemplating podcast creation with a specific goal of boosting your brand awareness, 2019 is probably the most opportune year to take up this challenging project (for now). Since podcasts are so prevalent right now, this might be the best platform to grow your brand and extend your reach, especially since the popularity of these audio shows only seems to be growing.

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