Why Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Needs to Include Instagram

Written by Mitchel Jordon

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms in the modern world. It provides perfect gateway to the world of photos and videos. The platform lets you reach out to the world via digital content and it certainly follows the gist of “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Instagram is your perfect place to reach out to your target audience just by posting what they might be interested in. Instagram has millions of monthly active users and all the millennials are using it. You should also include Instagram in your business marketing because many businesses are successfully running campaigns for promoting their products on Instagram.

Let’s go through some important arguments about why Instagram should be a part of your marketing strategy.

Instagram has a huge user base

You won’t begin to believe the number of users Instagram is entertaining every moment. Just to add in to your surprise, let me tell you, Instagram has 700+ million monthly active users, 400+ million daily active users. The new feature of stories introduced by Instagram recently is used by 150+ daily active users.

That’s huge number of audience, so the question is why are you not using Instagram for your social media marketing campaigns. Go sign up and flourish your businesses.

New users are signing up every second

Yes, that’s right. Users love Instagram so much that they are signing up every second. Instagram user base is constantly increasing because of its popularity among every age group. Instagram has captured market very quickly.

  • 33% of overall internet users are also using Instagram.
  • The people is US love Instagram a lot as almost 80+ million people are using this app within the united states.
  • People outside United States love Instagram just as well because more than 80% users of Instagram are outside US.
  • Almost 25 minutes are spent on Instagram by average user every day.
  • Out of Instagram users, almost 60% of the Instagram users login daily to check out stuff.

Post engagement is increasing

Well, that is the case right now, Instagram users are loving the way it works, post engagement has risen to a great deal since its launch. People love to follow new and interesting stuff on Instagram. Followers are very important when it comes to your business marketing on Instagram. You need to have a huge and just right fan base to promote your product or you just have to be really interesting. As the app has progressed, several tools have been created to make sure that you are reaching out to most people. One such tool is Vibbi, it helps you reach your target audience with great ease.

  • The Instagram popularity among users in US is growing 5 times than most of other social media platforms.
  • The average Instagram user account also grows every month by 16%.
  • Soon the users mark from US will cross the 150 million mark.
  • Almost half the brands in the world use Instagram and there are going to be more in coming years.
  • Brand engagement of posts is growing 55% every year.

This is just the right time to use Instagram in your social media marketing strategy.

Instagram impresses brain the most

Don’t be surprised, it’s exactly how it sounds as Instagram strategy of using photos and videos as main source of content is just amazing. Nobody ever thought of it, you can do a lot with such sort of content, you can show it to the users the way you want to. Visual content of Instagram has taken world by storm and there are many reasons to it.

  • You remember visual content more.
  • Visual content is always impressive and easy to comprehend.
  • 93% of brain communication is visual.
  • Even 90% of content processed by brain is visual
  • You’re more likely to respond to visual content than plain text.
  • You remember 80% of the content you see.

Wrapping Up

There couldn’t be more logical explanation to why you should use Instagram as a part of your social media strategy. Instagram is proven effective for the brands promotion and online businesses. All you need is right optimization and perfect tools to ensure success of your Instagram business. You will be surprised to see the results of effective marketing strategy on Instagram. There is a lot of help material online that will likely help you to promote your business effectively on Instagram. This is the perfect time to invest your social media marketing strategies in to Instagram.


About the Author.  Mitchel Jordon is a freelance writer who offers blogging, ghostwriting and copywriting services. He works closely with businesses providing digital marketing solution that increases brand awareness and search engine visibility. He’s currently working for Vibbi.com, that provides quality Instagram followers, likes, and views.