Social Video Marketing: Why It’s Essential for Visibility

Written by Philip Mazloumian 

There are plenty of reasons why businesses should be on social media. But in order to take full advantage of the benefits offered by social media, it is crucial to pay keen attention to the content that you share as well as the platforms that you use.

Quite simply, you need to match the right platform with the purpose you have in mind, whether for potential customers to discover your brand and its offerings or to be able to motivate them to make the purchase.

One such platform is video.

Why video?

Online videos offer a few advantages that blog posts, infographics, and other platforms simply cannot offer.


Before you can compel customers to purchase from you, you need to establish trust. With the right story, you can engage your audience and appeal to their emotions.

SEO benefits

Google rewards companies that use online videos. For one, videos help boost your search engine rankings. Apart from that, consumers spend more time on websites that have embedded videos. In turn, search engines see that as a sign that your website offers valuable content.

Mobile users crave videos

It is no understatement to say that mobile users crave and search for online videos. In fact, Google reports say that mobile device users are more likely to watch and share video content.

Difficult concepts made easy

Among the different content platforms, video stands out in its ability to make difficult concepts easier to digest and understand. Imagine describing your product or service with a blog post. Now, imagine showing the same audience what your product or service can do.

Quite simply, videos are easy to consume, even for the busiest individuals. The idea of a long blog post can be conveyed in a matter of minutes or even seconds with a video.

People love sharing videos

Social media has made it convenient for people to share videos. And for companies that publish well-crafted videos, this trend allows them to extend the reach of their content.

Introducing social video marketing

Social videos can vary, from livestreams to pre-recorded videos. Some of these go viral and amass millions of views while others do not.

There may be a wide range of definitions, but all social videos share a few basic qualities. First, social videos are crafted with the end purpose of showing these on social media networks. These videos are also optimized for the networks these are intended to be shown on. Publishers also have the intention of making their videos shareable.

Why add videos to your social media marketing mix?

Adding social videos to your marketing mix allows you to enjoy a few key benefits.

Social media networks appeal to millennials

More and more millennials (individuals 18 to 33 years old) are spending more time watching videos online instead of watching TV. This is a crucial fact that no business can ignore because in a few decades, roughly a third of the workforce will consist of people from this generation.

Videos connect with consumers

Social media platforms recognize that their users favor videos over other types of content. And when you craft videos, even shorter ones, your viewers will appreciate the time and effort you put into these.

Your competitors are doing it

While you are busy contemplating whether to use social videos, your competitors are likely already using videos to reach out and engage with your target audience.

Good returns on your investment

Through the use of tracking and analytics, you can achieve a disparate set of goals through social video. That can range from recruiting new members to your organization to lead generation.

How to use social videos

Whatever the size of your business may be, there are plenty of ways to use social videos.

Brand awareness

The most popular use of social videos is to tell your brand’s story. Through these videos, you can reach out to potential customers and tell them who you are and what you have to offer them.

Employer branding

Organizations looking for new members can use social videos as an effective recruitment tool. Social videos can be used to show potential hires what it is like to work for your organization in a clear and compelling manner.

Lead generation

Compared to other content platforms, video can help you generate more leads because they are easier to consume and appeal to the senses of sight and sound. Plus, they are easier to share which, in turn, allows you to cast a wider net.

Customer support and engagement

You can use social videos as an alternative to lengthy FAQs and help your customers find the solutions to their problems with your products or services.

Billions of videos are being viewed daily. And if you pass up this chance, you could be hurting your business.


With a BSc (Honors) in Psychology, Philip Mazloumian understands that creativity heavily depends on human insight, and as such, his knowledge forms an invaluable part of what React Digital does.

With over 10 years of leadership in the field of strategic brand development and marketing communication, he has positioned himself as a leading executive for organizations that require effective and timely achievement of their brand and marketing objectives.