Content personalization: 5 affordable ways to do it right!

Written by Charles Goodwin

How do you make your content stand out when so many websites are talking about the same thing on social media? A recent report highlights that a staggering 94%of today’s marketers believe that if you want to be perceived differently in the online environment, you have to find new ways to reach out to customers. Quality content still dominates. But it’s not just about the words you wrap up nicely in a text; but about how you do it.

Content personalization is one of the oldest – and still, most efficient – advanced marketing strategy. It’s not impossible to craft provided you abide by fundamental rules of content creation. Here are 5 affordable ways you can use to hit the mark.

Leverage content to establish social media presence

Everyone’s on social media these days. Brands and companies leverage the power of social channels to appeal to their target audience on a personal level. How do you get started with content personalization. The first step to take is to capture essential information and further details from your audience with a killer landing page.

Landing pages help you gather email addresses from your target audience. After building a strong database of targeted emails, the next step is to segment your list; and start sending content: newsletters, blog posts, infographics, e-books, and more. Campaign Monitor emphasizes that personalize subject lines matter just as much as the content you send along with your email.

Behavioral monitoring

It’s very important that you pay attention to the way your audience interacts with your business and brand. 74% of customers become frustrated when they’re being confronted with content that has nothing to do with their personal interests. This concern should be addressed ahead of time with monitoring behavior.

Consumers today move across a wealth of platforms and websites. They’re on a constant hunt for clearance, meaning that they’ll want to check your brand on more than just Facebook. Companies must track conversations and adapt because people are getting smarter when it comes to asking for help online. The best approach is to blend social media monitoring with customer service and develop a seamless approach that increases brand ranking in customers’ hearts.

Leverage monitoring tools to personalize content and engage with prospects and customers

IFTTT is a very useful platform you might want to use for monitoring social media. Create powerful connections and use relevant combination “recipes” to monitor competitors, and then get live updates on what people are saying about you and your brand.

Here’s a great IFTTT “recipe”: when someone mentions your brand, includes or retweets something you said it’s bet to send them a reply to thank them. However, it can be stressful to do this for every tweet you get. This is where IFTTT comes in. The platforms helps send automatic “thank you”  tweets. It is a great way to look after your audience, and sometimes a simple “thank you” can go a very long mile.

Brands can also use IFTTT to get notifications when users post tweets. Have them delivered to your Google Calendar, phone, or email. The tool should be integrated into your social media monitoring campaign because it gives you the chance to react fast to people’s tweets.

The main reason for gathering customer feedback is to improve customer experience. The more satisfied your customers are, the better chances you have drive product innovation. Matching customer feedback with analytics paints a better picture of what’s happening on your social media channels.

Engage with personalized emails

Engage with the best email automation tools, and leverage your excellent content to craft the best emails for your target audience. Don’t lose focus and preserve your goal: which is to increase click-through-rates; and convert prospects into valuable customers who have a genuine interest in what your company and brand can provide.

There’s something about content personalization that brands should try to appreciate more. Today’s customer is a social media fanatic. He or she probably spends a lot of time online; meaning they would rather get an email than a call from your London based SEO agency; regardless of the reason. Customizing content is a smart way of making your marketing strategy more productive. Why not use it to the maximum?

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Author Bio: Charles Goodwin is a regular contributor to many sites and mainly focuses on business and technology related topics. He also works for 247 Web Experts offering high quality web designing and internet marketing services.