7 Simple Ways You Can Market Your Law Firm Startup

Written by Elena Tahora

First of all, congratulations.


Well, not everybody is confident and strong enough to create a startup. Much more a law firm startup. The world of law is a scary place for a small startup. It is full of big firms that can easily nudge you off the edge if you aren’t careful enough.

But hey, you are already in the ring so you might as well learn to fight, right?

Playing Their Game

Here’s a little secret. Just because a firm is big doesn’t mean it’s the best. That’s the nature of the business. The biggest are those who are great at selling themselves.

For a small law firm startup, this can be quite a dilemma. “In order for a firm to get their name out there, they have to win cases or at least create a stir. But for them to do that, they have to find clients first. This confuses them on whether they should focus on showing they are the best or marketing their firm,” says Dr. Michael Falzon from CSBgroup.com.

If you ask me, it should go hand in hand. Still, marketing should be your first consideration to get some traffic into your firm. Question is, what kind of marketing should you do?

This, my friend, is your lucky day. For we have listed 7 simple but effective ways to market your law firm. Some of the tips we are going to present might mean some tweaking into your business plan. Don’t worry though. They work wonders.

Marketing Your Law Firm Startup

  1. Be specific – If you want to get more clients then you better know who you are looking for. Of course, you can just throw a wide net and hope something gets caught but in the world of law firms, you have to be specific. Focus on one type of law and go for a specific niche. For example, focus on business law then narrow it down to manufacturing or retail. This way, you have a smaller crowd to target. It saves you money and effort. In case you want to expand, you can do it in the future when you already have a steady foundation.
  2. Create a website – Everything is online nowadays and so should your business. Not only is this a good landing page for possible clients looking for legal services online, it also helps your startup look professional. Make sure your website showcases your services. It should also contain all the necessary information a client may need. Aside from this, it should also contain point number 3.
  3. Offer help – Don’t worry, you won’t be giving your services for free. What you will be sharing is your expertise. Create a blog on your site that answers common questions about the field of law you are focusing on. Maybe create an email where people can send you letters you can answer in a post. This gives your website value to your prospective clients.
  4. Give free resources to your community – So you are sharing your expertise online, why not do the same to your neighborhood? You can partner up with individuals or businesses in your community that can help you distribute the free resources. This amplifies your reach. This also creates a connection between you and the people around you.
  5. Build a Social Media Presence – Now that you have a website and have a local following, it’s time for you to invade social media. Now, remember that at this point, getting more followers is the aim. Don’t just sell your wares on Facebook or Twitter. Give people a reason to follow you. May it be through sharing related content on your social media accounts or by providing resources through said platforms.
  6. Spend a little on advertising – So now that you have a solid foundation set up with your website, social media presence, and your local visibility, it’s time to do some advertising. Just start small. Advertising on social media and search engines can be a great start. If you’ve reached this point, you will appreciate doing tip #1.
  7. Find a Marketing Professional – At this point, you might have done everything you can as a law firm startup. That doesn’t mean you should stop there. If you want to move forward, getting a marketing professional can really help. They can fill in the holes of your current marketing plan and can propel your startup forward through specialized marketing tactics. They cost a bit of money but it will be worth it once new clients start pouring in.

While it may seem daunting, take heart and hold your head up high. You have a long road ahead of you so you have to start out right. Follow these tips we have for you and you already have half of your troubles gone.