5 Training Courses That Can Make Young Entrepreneurs More Savvy

Written by Kamy Anderson 

Though many think that successful entrepreneurs are born geniuses, it takes more than luck to achieve success in the world of business. The combination of talent, support and talent development through practice and training are crucial elements of achieving an envious level of success.

However, a lot of young entrepreneurs have to face a number of challenges when first starting. Dealing with the unknown while trying to fulfill the expectations such as providing new ideas, clear business goals, and properly managing a team can be overwhelming and tough, especially if you make some mistakes right at the beginning.

But what is the essence that shapes the average business owner into an entrepreneurial powerhouse? If we take a look at the Harvard Business School research on the list of skills and behaviors that drive entrepreneurial success, the conclusion is quite simple – confidence plays a major role and is the decisive reason why some entrepreneurs sink while others calmly swim in the murky business waters.

Triumph awaits those who are confident in their decisions and the only way to get there is through constant learning. Smart people know they don’t know everything, and intelligent entrepreneurs never stop investing in themselves and their knowledge of the business. So embrace every learning opportunity and raise your self-confidence by taking advantage of online training courses.

  1. Udemy Social Media Marketing 2017

This comprehensive social media course for all levels of skill and talent is available for the price of $100. Given that the learners get a full lifetime access to all updates and lectures through a mobile phone, as well as a TV, the certificate of completion, and fundamental entrepreneurial lessons, it is a small fee to pay.

The course with more than 30,000 enrolled students covers all critical lessons for entrepreneurs including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google + basics and blogging, building social media strategies, understanding the risks, content marketing, and much more.

Taking this proactive approach will raise your confidence and get you to think as a successful entrepreneur. An additional benefit is a 30-day money back guarantee, although it will take more time to tackle the whole 80 lectures.

  1. New Venture Finance: Startup Funding for Entrepreneurs

Some entrepreneurs struggle with raising funds and best techniques to pitch a project to investors. Learning the basics of finance and understanding capital structure are highly important features of aspiring entrepreneurs.

With this course, students explore the numerous approaches and ideas gathered by a long-term practice of the University of Maryland. The official recognition of completion via certificate is guaranteed, as well as the interactive textbook, projects, videos, quizzes, and help from the peers. Also, the financial aid is available for learners who can’t afford the fee.

  1. Diploma in Social Media Marketing by Alison

For entrepreneurs who are looking for a free online certificate solution, Alison’s free online social media courses are what they need to become more confident in their skills. The 15-20 hour course covers the application and concepts of social media marketing and successful social media marketing strategies. Topics include popular social media platforms and tools, email marketing, creating business accounts on networks like Facebook, podcasting and blogging, etc.

  1. Scaling Operations: Linking Strategy and Execution

A private teaching and researching Northwestern University offers a course from the Kellogg School of Management. Created by Northwestern and taught by respected professors, the five-week lessons teach newbies how to correctly build a scalable and stable operation.

Since a thorough business strategy that minimizes potential risks is the key to the further success of the project, these lessons equip students with tools and various concepts that support and allow entrepreneurs to create new opportunities and fully explore the market.

Their practice is direct and with real-time data to help the learners get a grasp of reality. The goal is to maximize the value and notice the potential which others dismiss. Likewise, financial aid is available to those who can’t afford the fee.

  1. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills

Knowing how to negotiate is an additional skill of successful entrepreneurs. That being said, new entrepreneurs often experience difficulties with taking initiative. Thus, the course on negotiation and tactics for reaching profitable contacts can certainly help you become more assertive.

The University of Michigan, along with George Siedel is responsible for this practical course, which breaks down the negotiation process into four parts. The lessons provide the best approaches in tricky situations via interactive, more than 8-hour videos and tests that check the student’s levels of understanding.

Apart from negotiation strategies, enrollees learn how to create contracts and prepare the end game. Similarly to previous University-based courses, there is a chance to get financial aids if the fee standards don’t match the budget limits.

Summing up

Becoming a savvy entrepreneur requires confidence gained by a constant desire to perfect your skills and knowledge. Only a great deal of knowledge gives you the power to conquer not only the market but the world as well.

Of course, getting started is always rough, but after learning and truly understanding the rules and tactics of the game, there is nothing and no one who can stand in the way of success. Undoubtedly the best option that promises to take entrepreneurs to the top is enrolling in a few of the numerous online courses or create online courses which are tailored for students who prefer to set their own learning pace.

Author Bio: Kamy Anderson is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of corporate training and education. He is an expert in learning management system & elearning authoring tools – currently associated with ProProfs.