5 Reasons Why Social Media is Essential to Start-ups

Written by Jessica Rousey

The foundation of every successful startup and the launch of the company always involves careful thinking about a social media strategy. We cannot escape the reality that technology has been part of everybody’s life, and one of the most efficient ways to communicate with your buyers throughout the globe is through social media.

Businesses are evolving so fast to sustain the needs of the people, and social media has been their greatest weapon in terms of marketing, information dissemination, as well as building good customer relationships. No matter how creative a startup business model is, the right message has to be carried out successfully to the targeted audience. Furthermore, the impact of social media is so strong that it attracts people and holds their attention. It can also be observed that modern generation of business professionals believe in technologically-advanced tools. Thus, big companies are utilizing the utmost potential of social media to widen their networks and be connected around the world.

Here are some handy tips that will help you make the most of the social media to widen your network as a startup business:

Go viral and get the people’s’ attention

Do not be afraid to get the people’s attention. It is best if you can start a new craze that will get your target market’s interest. You can make use of all the social media applications like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, but it should always be updated in a regular basis.

Integrate SEO in social media

Search engine optimization is an act of optimizing websites and social media accounts in accordance with the guidelines of the search engine. SEO keywords and social media posts, if merged correctly, can create highly intuitive engagement. This would further increase the prospect of fetching more customers towards your business.

Getting more traffic means you will attract more visitors to your site, and some of those visitors will become customers. It also means that more people can receive information about your product which can only be achieved by using the proper social media guidelines along with timely updates. Make your social media accounts the lead generator to guide your target market to your website. This tip is very useful for startups as it is normal to get few organic search at first. Thus, you have to take advantage of social media to widen your market reach.

Use correct and relevant tags

These are the obvious components which will determine the success of your business. Moreover, it can be observed that most businesses nowadays use the practice of tagging keywords or people who patronize their product. However, it should be clearly understood that they should be relevant and for the greater good of your business. Be cautious with tag spamming as it can affect your search engine ranking negatively.

Be consistent and update your official website

Updating your accounts will build the trust of your customer. You should also post some good feedback and upload the new products on your site. Once they see you are active, they will not hesitate to reach out and send you their inquiries. Use this opportunity to hook them with your products and services. Keep in touch with your business accounts and always be attentive to the question and inquiry of your customers

Thus, social media is one of the most advanced tools to upgrade your business into something much bigger. Create your own story and build your own audience to continue the growth of your business. In this electronic era, it is all about quick and efficient communication. You should always remember that social media is the best marketing platform of today’s age.


Author Bio:  Jessica Rousey understands the essence of making excellent content that suits the needs of every business, especially when it comes to online marketing. She can galvanize your marketing campaign with the content she makes and then incorporate BuyRealMarketing services.