46 Facts Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

By Javier E. Sánchez

Entrepreneurs are leaders, innovators, inventors, and of course, very smart people. There are things that entrepreneurs need to know in order to succeed and get into the business world. For example, did you know that one in every 18 people own and manage their own business? Of course, this number changes from country to country, but it is always good to know that there is a lot of competition already and having a good product might not be enough if the right marketing and sales strategies are not applied. It also depends on the country they want to open their business.

For example, according to DealSunny’s research, there are no developed countries in the top 25 most entrepreneurial countries (USA, China, and Japan). On the other hand, Uganda, Thailand, Brazil, Cameroon and Vietnam are the best entrepreneurial countries in the world. Would you like to be an entrepreneur? Are you one already? Here are 46 Facts Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know.