4 Reasons Why You Need Kanban in Your Project Management Tool

Written by David Miller

In today’s digital world, where everyone is always connected through smartphones and tablets, businesses have a huge potential to become more productive than ever before. With a plethora of various types of software at hand, there is a need of a software with increased levels of productivity with which you can achieve tasks easily.

When it comes to project management, you need to make sure that you have everything under control, so that you can ensure no deadline is ever missed and every single task is completed effectively. Project management tools are there to save the day, but are you using them to their full potential?

One of the greatest additions to the project management tools is Kanban boards. Not only can they make your job much easier, but they can help you diligently to complete tasks more effectively. They can also greatly improve communication and collaboration within your company and ultimately lead to business improvement and growth.

What Exactly Is Kanban?

Kanban refers to the workflow management method that helps project managers and their team members in a better way to visualize their projects, so they can complete every necessary task effectively and efficiently in the best possible way.
Kanban is a Japanese term for “visual card”, which is exactly what Kanban boards are – boards with visual cards. If you have ever used a post-it notes to help you remember and prioritize particular tasks, then you have actually used the features of the Kanban board. The only difference here is that, instead of having a whiteboard full of post-its, you have a digital board with digital post-it notes.

Modern project management tools enable you to create a Kanban board, where you can organize tasks with the use of visual cards in different colors, so you can delegate and manage tasks in an easier way while optimizing your project’s workflow. Everyone involved in the projects will be able to collaborate better and make better decisions, not to mention deliver value much faster.

Kanban is becoming more and more popular these days so, if you want to improve your project management efforts, you should definitely start using it, and here are the essential reasons why.

Visualizing Your Projects

Typical list-based on the project management tools definitely have their limitations. They have no visuals to help you quickly get a clear insight into your projects, which can be very time-consuming when there are a lot of tasks involved, and even more time-consuming when there are multiple teams involved and no one can have a clear view of a high-priority and low-priority tasks.

Kanban boards effectively eliminate all of those problems, as they help you visualize your projects. Humans process information much quicker with the help of visuals, which is exactly why Kanban has become so popular. With the help of visual cards, you can see exactly what needs to be done first and who is responsible for each task, as well as which tasks are connected and contribute to higher-level initiatives.

Visual cards have different colors for better visualization, and they have different locations on the board, so you can see their status. You can have “to-do”, “doing” and “done” columns (which is a default set), but you can add more columns if you want to. More importantly, you can update the cards’ status as each task is completed and move them between columns, so you can see how your entire project progresses.

Improving Communication and Collaboration

Kanban boards help you to improve communication within your organization and enable your team to collaborate more effectively. This is because they create transparency and everyone involved can always see the project status.

Your team members can check out the Kanban board and not only see their tasks and due dates, but also see the type of the projects, assigned users, the status of all the tasks, and much more additional information that can help them organize and optimize their workflow.

Therefore, there’s no need to send emails or instant messages and schedule meetings to keep track of the project progress, since Kanban boards will keep everyone updated, so they can work together towards a successful project completion, without encountering any disruption in their workflow.

Increase the Levels of Productivity

Since Kanban enables you to see the project progress at any given time, you can effectively address any problem and remove any impediments that may cause certain delays. Moreover, since Kanban boards help everyone to visualize the projects in a better way so there are chances they will become much more productive.

Kanban will especially help you with the ways to increase the levels of productivity so your team members can focus on several important tasks at a time, as other low-priority tasks will be in a backlog.

Identifying Areas for Improvement

Kanban boards help you easily identify all the possible areas for improvement, as opposed to list-based tools where all you can see is the list of tasks necessary for project completion. With Kanban, you can see every potential bottleneck all the areas where the progress slows down, so you may use that insight to implement certain changes in order to improve your workflow.

Afterwards, you can monitor and measure the implemented changes and adjust anything if it is needed, so you can make sure the workflow you achieve is continuous and leads to positive results.

As you can see, using Kanban boards in your project management tool is extremely beneficial and can positively reflect on your entire business and bottom line. Therefore, make sure you find a simple project management software that can enable you to create Kanban boards, so you can be sure that you will significantly improve your business and lead it to the success.

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