3 Ways to Write Your Book Using the Most Popular ebook Formats

Written by Sophia Clark

Writing a book is not all about drinking coffee and waiting for inspiration. To a much greater extent, writing a book requires discipline and hard work, even though and recognition will be your reward too. In this article, we will discuss the process of creation an eBook. However, we will start with different eBooks you can think of creating.

What eBook formats are the most popular?

Before publishing your book, you should make sure you chose the best and the most popular eBook format. Such formats determine how popular your book will get given its availability for a broad range of readers. Each reading device has its format that it can read. Therefore, think of your target audience and analyze what kind of reading devices people of this country/age/social group, etc. are using more frequently.

After a short investigation, we have found out that the most popular eBook formats are AZW, ePub, and PDF. Let’s see what these formats mean and what devices can read them.

AZW is an Amazon’s proprietary format. It is used on its Kindle reading devices.Kindle supports MOBI format; however, in view of improvements Amazon added to AZW format, it gained more popularity and is widely used now by readers.

ePub format is one of the most common ones as well, and it is so thanks to the fact that it I supported by a wide range of reading devices both on iOS and Android. Even Kindle eBook readers are going to be transformed in a way to read ePub as well to extend the number of their users.

Finally, PDF is widely spread among the eBook readers. Even though it is quite old, new improvements are being regularly added, as the creator of it want to maintain their leading positions on the market. That is why PDF is the format that can even be signed electronically unlike the other formats.

Now you know the main eBook formats to stick to, let’s see what three ways of writing your eBook should be considered.

How to write an eBook

Writing an eBook is a better way to maintain interest in your content than, let’s say, a blog or a post in social media. That is why people want to have the information they share in a format of an eBook. You can use one of these ways to write an eBook.

  • You can turn your blog into an eBook. If you were writing about a particular topic in your blog for a long time, and you feel like this content has a potential of turning into a book, you can try doing that. Instead of writing from the scratch, you can save some time and use the information, examples and interviews you have already published online. Moreover, if you are a professor and are giving lectures, you can use your material or ask someone to take notes of your lectures, which you will be able to turn into an eBook later.
  • You can record your thoughts on a voice recorder and then use special speech-to-text converters to make it a text. This way is very useful, especially if you hate sitting and writing. You can dictate your thoughts and then edit them when they are converted into text.
  • The last and most common way of writing a book is writing it from scratch. Think of the topic, start writing, edit it, ask your friends to give you their feedback as well as involve professionals in the process. These are the typical steps for writing a book. Then change its format into one of the popular ones mentioned above and enjoy the fame.

What if you have already written a book, and are now looking for a way to convert it into an eBook? Here is what you need to take into consideration

  • You might consider a new title. ebooks live and die by online search, so thinking of a searchable title is a smart way to begin. Look on Amazon to get a sense of popular ttles. Try putting your existing book title into Google or Yahoo and see what else comes up. You will want to be at the top of search results, so this early research will help you later on.
  • Choose a platform. Each platform has its costs, regulations, and restrictions. Do not rush into anything until you read everything carefully and make sure you understand all the details.
  • You can also pick a separate publisher for your eBook. People claim that the most popular publishers are Lulu and Booktango, followed by Smashwords. However, you do not necessarily have to choose the most popular ones but rather those you really like and support.
  • Learn all the details on how much you will be paid and how much you will have to pay for the publishing services. There are often many traps you don’t want to get into like hidden costs that will eat up all your revenue. So read carefully before you agree to publish your eBook at a certain source.
  • Finally, once your eBook is available online, start promoting it. You can either check if the platform you chose has services of promoting your book or start this campaign yourself. But just make sure to promote it in a way that is appropriate and acceptable to your target audience. If you want your promotion campaign to become a real success, you can also involve professionals in it.

To sum up, this is everything you need to know about ways to write your book using the most popular eBook formats. Start today and good luck on your way to becoming a writer.

Sophia Clark is a creative writer from New York who loves to share her thoughts with readers. She is a tutor and a freelance writer for this blog, who is interested in education, blogging and sharing her ideas. In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Her big dream is to publish a novel one day. Connect with her on Twitter and Google +