Future of Food is a podcast project by Red Cup Agency


Red Cup Agency produces a podcast called Future of Food.  Interviewing innovators, change-makers, and activists who are changing the way food is grown, produced, and the way it gets to your plate.

What does a food activist do?

Anna Lappé is the founder and director of Real Food Media, a collaborative initiative that catalyzes creative storytelling and media about food, farming, and sustainability. “We work with partners across the country to really elevate the solutions that we find out there that are transforming the food system toward greater sustainability and equity, and then we help people understand what are the real impacts that we have to worry about it, about our current foods just don’t why we need such transformation,” she says.

A Conversation with Anna Lappé

In the podcast episode, she discusses why the food choices that are good for your body are also good for the planet, why excessive consumer demand for meat is constructed and manipulated by media and marketing, and why cooking a good meal at home is a good idea.

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