CTRL Collective is a collective workspace that exists to inspire. A local home for aspiring and established entrepreneurs who aim to create, mold, and shape the future, it is a purpose-built environment created to inspire innovation and propel new ideas.

David Bren and Taleia Mueller talk with interviewer Lee Schneider about how to build a community space by curating projects and personalities. They share their deep expertise about building new projects and startups and also discuss how to integrate work and life in a fulfilling way. CTRL collective has locations in Playa Vista, DTLA, Pasadena, and Denver. The Cult/Tech podcast is produced by Red Cup Agency.

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Key Takeaways:

  • “If you’re an expert in your field and one of your fellow neighbor members are just getting in to that you can offer some time to help them” Taleia at 1:01
  • “We’re curating a community not for what people do, but how they think” David at 4:12
  • “The companies that do really well are the ones that are able to take that problem in stride, work through it and work around it and continue going forward.” David at 11:08
  • “We just see some people who like to talk about what they’re doing a lot, rather than actually doing it.”  David at 13:03
  • “I think understanding the human side is the most important thing in being an entrepreneur.” David 14:01

Read the podcast transcript on the Red Cup Agency website.

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