Launching a new podcast? Want to improve the one you’ve got now? I develop, write and produce podcasts. I’m here to help you sharpen your ideas, streamline your production process, promote your show, and find your audience.

– Lee Schneider

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We meet for a fifty-minute session over Zoom. The first session is dedicated to shaping your early podcast concepts into a show you can put into production just a few weeks from now. For example, we’ll cover your themes, the stories you want to tell, the guests you will interview (if you have guests), and the best formats. All sessions are recorded so you can listen back later. You’ll have access to them for a year. Accountability and weekly follow ups are part of our process.

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In Week 2 we discover how we will make your production go smoothly. Recording, interviewing, directing, editing — I’ll improve your workflow in all of them. Whether you are doing it all yourself or outsourcing, we will discover the most fun and efficient process for you.

Sustain your podcast





In this session we get an editorial plan going keep the magic happening. I’ll show you how to research, discover, and book guests, how to develop the structure of your show so that it sustains over a season (or more) and best practices for building a “bank” of episodes you can fall back on.

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In Week 4 we dig into how to launch and market your podcast. I’ll show you tactics and techniques for building an audience, how to engage listeners during your show, and how to use social media to get your audience hooked. We’ll talk about cross-promotion on other podcasts and how to create show notes and media like audiograms, recuts, and supercuts that keep listeners interested.

We’ll also discuss strategies for recouping your production costs like ad networks, donation platforms like Patreon, and your best strategy for securing new sponsors.

 Your Investment

Your investment in this one-month intensive is $1550. This includes four 50-minute sessions on Zoom, recordings of all sessions so you can review them later, email followups from me about the material covered in the session, and reviews by me of your work in progress recordings or interviews. Payment plans are available. Student rates are available.


Why a 1-month intensive?

The timeframe keeps us focused on the goal, which is launching a great podcast. I want you to have a complete vision of how your show will meet your goals. We can do that in a one-month intensive.

What happens after we finish the first month?

I work on a monthly retainer. If you need to dig deeper you can sign up for another month.

What about production help?

These are brainstorming sessions to help you launch, sustain, and promote your podcast. If you want production help, like guest booking, help with scripts or outlines, or editing help, I offer those services or can make referrals for you. Just ask!


“The quality of Lee’s publicity contacts and his ability to recruit external resources were very impressive.”

— Rob Jacobs, Founder

“SEO rankings improved and multiple customer conversations were achieved.”

— Amy Zhou, COO

“Lee helped the podcast balance brand promotion with informative interviews with thought leaders.”

— Noah Geisel, Director of Education

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