Vision Marketing Online

Written by Lee Schneider

Many companies are using social media marketing.  But just a few are using what I call vision marketing.  Vision marketing means you let the world know what you stand for.Vision marketing is understanding the story of your business and then telling that story online. If you’re telling the right story, you will ride a huge wave of social influence. That’s because vision marketing connects you with a global movement  – one that is certainly bigger than you are.

Once you get out in front of that social movement, it will not only bring more visitors to your website, it can also create seismic shifts in the way people love, live and work.  Pretty big stuff.  Online influence is powerful.  Would you like to know how to ride the wave? Let’s look at some examples from the web and among my clients.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin writes the most popular blog in the world created by an individual.  His business advice is honest, blunt, and funny. But Godin is also involved in bringing marketing skills to developing countries. He has run a workshop in Africa for Acumen Fund, and as a marketer he is willing to passionately advocate a cause, like ending malaria. His book Tribes is a primer on connecting with groups to sell something or create change. We know what Seth Godin stands for.  For me that means he’s practicing vision marketing.

Blake Mycoskie

Blake Mycoskie, of Tom’s Shoes, has written a book called Start Something that Matters. He wears his humanitarian activism on his sleeve, building his business as he works equally passionately to eliminate poverty in developing countries. For him, and others like him, there’s no distinction to be drawn between doing well and doing good. He encourages everyone to ‘Love your work, work for what you love, and change the world—all at the same time.’ Mycoskie has mastered the art of the clear message driven by heart and passion. For every pair of Tom’s shoes sold, a pair is given away to someone in need.  For every one of his books purchased, a new children’s book will be provided to a child in need. He calls it ‘one for one,’ and I call it brilliant vision marketing.

Ann Gentry

Ann Gentry is a chef, author and the founder of two Real Food Daily restaurants in West Hollywood and Santa Monica, CA. Both locations are more than popular – they are loved.  They are more than places to eat – they are places for a lively community to gather. The customers are mostly vegan and vegetarian, but the restaurants also attract people who are  just curious about good food.  Most importantly: They are all part of a community of people who want to eat well, who want to know that their food is organic, and at Real Food Daily they feel they are part of a movement that endorses sustainability, buying local, and growing food without pesticides.  Ann speaks to many of these issues in her Huffington Post blog and in public appearances.  She has a book out called Vegan Family Meals that is climbing the charts at Amazon. While working on Ann’s social media strategy, I discovered that being part of this larger movement amplified Ann’s message.  A good example of vision marketing.

Amos Nachoum

Biganimals Expeditions is run by Amos Nachoum, a charismatic photographer and adventurer who explores the oceans worldwide. He can take you to Antarctica, to Tonga, or to San Diego to create moving and memorable encounters with animals like Great White sharks, Leopard seals, and penguins.  He is also active in ocean conservation, as reflected in his Twitter news feed, and he speaks all over the world to help people better understand the animals with whom we share the planet.  With Amos, I discovered a client who lets the world know what he stands for.  To me, that’s deeper than what we call branding – that’s vision marketing.

The How To Takeaway

The takeaway? Social forces are market forces.  Becoming part of or, even better, leading a social movement puts the wind in your marketing sails. Email marketing is a terrific way to build loyalty among your customers and clients.  For more info go to Red Cup Agency and see how I do it.

Photo Credit:  h.koppdelaney via Creative Commons License.