Communications Reimagined

Red Cup Agency has developed a communications practice to serve growth companies. We build online narratives using podcasts, blogs, whitepapers, ebooks and guest posts.

Every agency has to have its big idea. Red Cup believes in reconfiguring communications to blend editorial development with aspects of traditional PR. Growth companies thrive on networks. We build networks on the right channels for you. 

To get this started, you have to do some deep thinking about why you do what you do. You have to be connected with your WHY. It is the driver to building a culture around what you do. Simon Sinek first wrote and talked about this, and his book is worth a read. Our founder and communications director Lee Schneider wrote a book that outlines the philosophy of Red Cup – it is titled Be More Popular: Culture Building for Startups. It’s on Amazon in Kindle, paperback, and audiobook.  His other books include a detailed chronicle of the Los Angeles startup scene and a new book about the mind of the angel investor. His TechSmart Podcast featured business leaders in conversation. If you’re ready to talk a look at our services, jump here.

Ask the Right Questions

Everyone will tell you that online, you have to make some noise. That’s good – we like noise. The only way your public noise will turn into useful information, however, is if you have a story to tell. Stories build loyalty and connection. Stories that do the best work come from a deep place. If you can articulate the WHY of what you’re doing, you have something powerful to share with the world, a story that deeply resonates. When you discover a community of like-minded, passionate people, that’s the ah-ha moment. It demands your next step. What’s that? 

Let’s Build a Culture Together

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Editorial Services

At Red Cup, we provide a suite of editorial services to develop and expand your online network.

  • podcast development, production, and distribution
  • ebooks from idea to distribution
  • articles in high-traffic websites
  • social media support 

Who’s in your network? Your customer/user base, potential investors in your next funding round, journalists who are interested in writing about you, radio and tv producers who are interested in doing stories about you, and podcast producers who will want you as a guest on their popular show.

Our process begins with research to determine what your competitors are doing, what channels work best for your industry, and which groups in your network we need to start on first. We craft an approach that fits your goals. Our method centers around developing editorial content around you and your brand. When we create content, it looks like this:

  • Podcast development and production
  • eBooks from research to writing to production and publication
  • Blog posts for your site
  • Guest posts placed in high-traffic blogs
  • Op Ed pieces researched by Red Cup and written by you
  • White papers researched and written by Red Cup
  • Micro-sites for podcasts

To build a network, you have to deploy a social narrative about yourself. People need stories, and they need stories about you, your company, and your mission. The story they receive helps them position you in their mind. Your story is the crux of your thought leadership. It is how they get to know you and decide to work with you, use your product, write about you, or spread the word about what you do.

Red Cup helps you build the right stories that express who you are and show you where those stories need to land online.

Most of us who work at Red Cup come from a production, documentary or journalism background. We are writers and producers. These skills serve us well when we produce podcasts for you. We pride ourselves on our production skills. Podcasts get your message out in a way that conversational and creative. They build your network because your guests promote their own appearance on your show. You show your domain expertise. You interview guests in your niche or cohort, and you get to meet potential clients in a way that doesn’t need to draw on sales or marketing techniques or skills. Learn more about Red Cup podcasting production

We take your ebook from concept, through writing and editorial, into production and publication. Our favorite publishing platforms are Amazon and Smashwords. We create paperback and hardcover editions in CreateSpace and Lulu.  Amazon’s ACX is our audiobook platform of choice. We format your book as EPUB, mobi, or PDF as required.

Ebook deliverables include: 

  • concept development and outlining
  • research
  • interviews with analysts and experts
  • writing services
  • proofreading 
  • formatting for publication on Amazon and Smashwords
  • cover art
  • distribution on Amazon and Smashwords

Audiobook deliverables include:

  • adapting your manuscript for audio production
  • auditioning narrator
  • recording and production
  • cover art
  • distribution on Amazon and

After your content is live, you’ll want people to know about it. When we use traditional PR approaches, we will pitch to our large database of journalists. Our PR approaches include:

  • one-to-one emails to journalists
  • social media dialogue and connection
  • booking you as a speaker
  • booking you on podcasts

Our three month cycle of services is always customized to include the editorial elements you need. 

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Who are your clients? These days we work with growth companies in education tech, medical tech, food tech, and authors. We’ve worked with consultants, teachers, and media companies. Here’s a selected client list.

Does Red Cup do ongoing campaign management? Yes. Developing and deploying your ideas using the right delivery system over time is exactly what we do.

Is Red Cup a content marketing agency? I need SEO-friendly posts. We approach things differently. We research potential posts from the influencer perspective: We want to know who has the strongest voice in your field, and learn how they achieved that. When we develop content with you we are aware of keywords and SEO factors, but we write in your voice, in your niche, and for your industry. Our work together must be expressive of your voice. When we partner with you on editorial projects we take the editor role seriously. We help you develop your topics, build outlines, put our writers to work, or work with yours. We will take your project straight through to publication, whether it is a blog, a white paper, or an ebook.

Does Red Cup produce ebooks? Yes, from idea to publication and distribution. Here’s a list of ebooks we’ve done. Here’s our digital publishing process

Are you guys a PR agency? A traditional public relations approach is an aspect of what we do. We think PR only works if you have a story to tell; we are deeply invested in helping you develop that story.

Three months is a long time for us. We’re a startup and we need traction now. Do you do growth hacking? We believe that so-called growth hacking is a short term solution. It only works if you can create a culture around your product or startup. If you are doing a product launch, crowdfunding campaign, book launch or other fast-start project, get in touch and we can discuss our discounted media advisory program. We also offer branding services on a consulting basis for companies and individuals. 

Do you maintain social media feeds for clients? Will you post to Twitter and Facebook for me? We include social media posting in our larger campaign management packages, but we don’t do it on its own. We’ve found that the Return on Effort, not to mention Return on Investment, isn’t sufficient when using social media channels by themselves. They need to be part of a larger program in order to be effective.

What if I am an author or solopreneur? Do you offer personal branding services? Yes. Check out for our consulting program.

When you work with us, you are working with people who love production. We take pride in being producers and editors.

Podcasting holds a special place for us at Red Cup because it takes us back to our production roots. Our founder, Lee Schneider, has a background in production, writing for Good Morning America and for local news, producing magazine-style segments for FOX and Dateline NBC, and executive producing series and specials for television networks like The History Channel, TLC, Court TV, Discovery Health and Bravo. In various production roles he has been writer, director, producer, editor (both audio and video) and executive producer. Red Cup is in production now on various podcasts. 

Podcast Agency

How Our Production Process Works

We work in series orders of ten episodes. Your podcast can be recorded in a studio or remotely, using Uberconference. We deliver podcasts in many formats, from the most simple in a conversational style, to those with complex audio environments and sound effects. Since most of us come from a background in documentaries and journalism, we prize a good story. When we build podcasts, we build narratives.  

Red Cup offers an end-to-end podcasting solution. 

Development. Red Cup collaborates with you to develop the podcast concept and structure. We research topics that will bring in the largest listening audiences. We develop show outlines and scripts. We participate in search and casting for the right host/interviewer. We assist with guest discovery, booking, and scheduling.

Production. We produce the episodes, add main theme music, underscore, and effects as needed. We handle all rights agreements for music and effects, working directly with our composers and sound designers.

Distribution. Red Cup provides an audio mix, audio compression and “sweetening,” and distribution via SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher Radio and TuneIn.

Podcast Distribution

Standard Deliverables

  • Podcast concept development
  • Outline development and script writing
  • Guest booking services including guest scheduling
  • Multi-track production recording
  • Multi-track post production and mixdown
  • Music Into and Outro
  • Graphics if desired
  • Distribution
  • Show notes and Key Takeaways

We work on a three-month production cycle. 

Add Ons

Studio Production
Most of our podcasts are recorded using Uberconference. If you prefer studio production, we will record in one of our partner studios in Santa Monica, San Francisco, Seattle, or New York City.

Original Music
We work with several composers to create original music for podcasts and films. If you don’t choose this add on, we work with our composers to select music from their music library and customize it for your podcast.

Sound Effects
We create a sound design for your show, including sound effects and on-location audio.

Distribution to PRX Public Radio Stations
PRX is a service offering podcasts to public radio stations. We prepare your listing on PRX and upload media.

Travel Expenses
If you want an on-site producer during the podcast recordings, there is a perdiem fee, plus travel expenses if any. If you don’t choose this option, we will be recording remotely, with our producer listening in over the phone or VOIP.

We prepare media advisories and media releases to promote your podcast episodes and contact journalists on your behalf. We handle email newsletters and social media feeds about your podcast. 

A Note on Ownership

You own all rights to your podcast in perpetuity, in all media and territories, including copyright and all royalty distribution rights.

Podcasting Staff at Red Cup

Lee Schneider is the lead on all podcasting projects. He has 20 years’ experience in media production, spanning television, film and podcasting. He has produced the Be Global Podcast, TechSmart Podcast, Cult/Tech Podcast, Smidge Wines Podcast, Edtech NOW, Inside the Mind of Your Angel Investor, and Storytime Friday Podcast, and has consulted on many more. Dave Mendonca is Red Cup’s booking producer. Tom Disher is our production superviser. He also is a composer who licenses music tracks. David Helpling provides music tracks from his music library. Music is also provided by Ovra Music. Kate Durocher writes articles and develops content. Julie Dwyer Brody creates graphics.  We have two assistant editors who assist Lee with editing.

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