5 Stars for Red Cup Agency!


Red Cup Agency is proud to announce our perfect 5-star rating on Clutch’s site! Clutch is a Washington, D.C. based ratings and reviews marketplace. Clutch independently reaches out to our clients to obtain unbiased reviews of our services. Our commitment is to ensure that our clients are provided with the best marketing services possible, we pride ourselves on client satisfaction, and are pleased to see that this is getting reflected in our work, as Clutch has us as a top Los Angeles marketing company. As one of our clients detailed on Clutch’s site, “Their commitment distinguishes them.”

Not only was Red Cup Agency given a perfect 5-star rating for overall performance, but Clutch also collects ratings for multiple other metrics. We have also been given perfect ratings along the metrics of quality and willingness to refer. At Red Cup, we strive to provide our clients with the best services possible, and having top notch marketing is crucial to growing our clients’ businesses. Whether it is creating a blog, podcast, enhancing social media presence or any of our …

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Future of Food Podcast: Kelp is the New Kale

Move over, kale. There’s a new (sea) vegetable in town and it wants to join you on the plate as a healthy food. Sea vegetables are certainly having their moment. As with kale, chefs are driving the train, experimenting with seaweed as more than a garnish. They making cocktails with it, eye-popping salads, and adventurous main dishes, moving it from mere condiment to the center of the dinner plate.

You may have first enccountered seaweed in a store like Erewhon Natural Foods, where it was part of a macrobiotic diet. Now, you very nearly can’t avoid it in Whole Foods, where it appears whole, dried, and raw.

I interviewed seaweed farmers from Maine to California for this episode, number 10 in the series. Seraphina Erhart of Maine Coast Sea Vegetables told me about the challenges of harvesting in the wild. (She also spoke with me about the history of seaweed in the US, a longer conversation that I am including in the book I’m writing about food.) Listen to the podcast at Future of Food.

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How to Save Billions of Dollars Worth of Food – Future of Food Podcast

Americans waste more than $200 billions dollars of food a year. That’s about $1600 per family. But there are people who are trying to help. We meet two of them in this podcast. Luis Yepiz recovers and distributes food rescued from the LA Wholesale Market. Eva Goulbourne is a food sustainability expert who can put the numbers in perspective and give us some real-world suggestions about how to help.

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Podcast Stats and How to Use Them

What are podcast stats, anyway?  How can they help you as a podcaster?

Since you are a publisher and programmer and all-around genius running your own show, you’re looking to get more downloads, more shares and make more friends.  But how?  Take a look at this list of our most downloaded episodes this month on Future of Food.

Making Jackson Grow In Winter with Nona Yehia accounts for 40% of our downloads Food Activism In the Digital Age with Anna Lappé is at 23.38% Saving the Future One Seed at a Time with Jere Gettle is at 18.18% Food Waste Costs NYC $180M Annually – A Startup Explores Solutions is at 10.39% A Vision for Micro-Farms With Krystine McInnes is at 7.79%

Making Jackson Grow In Winter is our newest episode, and so it follows that more people are listening to it than the others. I’ve noticed, however, that truly popular episodes do not peak out fast. They last. Food Activism In the Digital Age with Anna Lappé

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Could the Netflix Subscription Model Be The Next Big Thing in Podcasting?

Written by Amanda Smith

If you’re a performing artist or producer in Hollywood, it’s difficult to miss the banner Netflix has planted in Tinseltown. The organization’s new 14-story tower can be seen from miles away in Los Angeles, topped by the Netflix logo.

Inside, Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos is enrolling some of TV’s best producers and directors. Since Netflix Inc. streamed its first unique series “Lilyhammer” in 2012, the organization has become a standout amongst the most profitable TV networks by purchasing shows from others.

Presently, with a $16 billion spending plan, Netflix means to end up on top as the world’s biggest creator of amusement, creating programs simply like current top-notch VOD platforms including CBS Corp.

Recently, Netflix has signed Shonda Rhimes, maker of ABC’s VOD content such as Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, to a long term deal; employed an official to create unique children shows; and purchased a graphic novel distributor. Netflix Studios is delivering around 75 percent of the organization’s new ventures, as per Sarandos, the key structure of a lineup this year …

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Angela Maiers on EdTech NOW Season 2

Our guest today is Angela Maiers — She has been creating and leading change in education and enterprise for 31 years, teaching every level of school from grade school to graduate school and consulting with companies around the world.

EdTech Now is a short podcast about education technology and how it’s used in the classroom. The podcast is sponsored by Stackup, a Chrome browser extension that tracks reading online for teachers and students, and delivers metrics to administrators. The podcast is hosted by Noah Geisel, education director at Stackup.

Stackup is the only tool that unlocks the learning benefits of the entire web, while providing the accountability educators need to measure progress and engagement. With Stackup, you can measure and report online reading and learning for your entire district, in less than two minutes. Go to Stackup.netThe podcast is produced by Red Cup Agency.

Key Takeaways:

“So you are seeing hurt in the world or lack of empathy for hurt people because the people doing the hurting don’t feel like they matter.” Angela at 4:55 “If we help …

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