Being an easy-to-consume form of information, podcasts are gaining immense momentum. Many businesses are investing a lot of time and effort in creating podcasts, but they often miss out on promoting them and don’t reach their target audience. An email marketing campaign can be the answer.

Written by Chintan Doshi

Of all marketing strategies, email marketing works out to be one of the finest tools when it comes to marketing podcasts. 

Why? Well, members of your email list are likely to come back for more content. Instead of making them check every now and then, send them an email notification and drive traffic to your podcast. Chances are they might forget when you are launching the next podcast; with your email, they may just tune into the podcast.

That said, let’s delve deeper into how you can build an effective email strategy for your podcast.

#1 Seek Approval

In case you don’t have a list, you need to build one, and that is possible only when you have an opt-in form on your website. That’s the first step towards podcast promotion via emails. Ask visitors to opt-in to the emails about podcasts. You can use one of the many software solutions available for podcasts and get subscribers to opt-in. 

You can go for two-step opt-in or a single step depending on the questions you want them to answer. Once you have taken approval for the emails and also set the expectations regarding frequency of the emails, you may proceed to the next steps you want to take.


#2 Send them emails every week

You may release a podcast probably every week or once in two weeks but, it is mandatory for you to send them an email every single week. Try to keep the subscribers engaged with useful information besides the podcast invitation emails. 

#3 A teaser is welcome

If you are planning to release a podcast this week, then ideally you should send a teaser email that will connect with the audience and set their expectations a few days before. It will tap on the inquisitiveness of the subscribers, thereby bringing more traffic on your website. 

#4 Send an announcement

When you send a teaser email about a podcast, you are just telling them that something new and exciting is on the way. It is possible that you are not telling them what the content is going to be about in your email. You will make them anxious but, you still need to tell them if the podcast is interesting for them or not. That’s why you need to send the podcast announcement email. It will help the audience know whether they should attend the podcast. 

Also, note the prominently placed CTAs in the first fold that provide links to listen to the podcast through different platforms. At the end of the email, they have added a CTA to get subscribers to their podcast. 



#5 Create some value

it is important that you create some value for the audience with your email about the podcast. When you send the email, it is important that the content of the email piques their interest. You should tell them what they will gain from listening to your podcast. People reading your emails are really looking for their time and money’s worth. If they are in the awareness stage, then you ought to make sure that the emails that you are sending is helping them educate themselves. Similarly, for those who are in the buying stage, the podcast should be able to educate them on why they should convert. The podcasts should connect with the email list and add value to their thought processes while driving better decision-making.

For instance, Multichannel Merchant sends a detailed email that throws light on what the podcast will talk about with three distinct CTAs that allow the recipient to learn more, play the podcast or download it. 

#6 Resend the emails

In case some of your podcast emails have not been opened in a while, then you must send them again. The idea is to get as many opens and click-through rates as possible. you need to make sure you send the emails at a time when the subscribers are most likely to open the emails.

Your frequency of sending these emails should be high, and you need to make sure you send them as often as possible. 

#7 Monitor the email campaign performance

When you have generated an email strategy for your podcast, make sure you continuously monitor the metrics and measure its results. For instance, you need to check the open rates as well as click-through rates for the emails that you have sent to your subscribers. Re-engage those who have not been opening the emails or who have been dormant for a while.

Wrap up

Getting more traffic for your podcasts and increasing engagement is important, which is why you should try the sure shot marketing method of emails. Sending an email about your podcast and engaging them with the right content can help you add more listeners. You should ideally send as many emails as necessary, and effectively engage with them via emails. These tenets of podcast email marketing will surely help you get more listeners and subscribers. 

About the Author

Chintan Doshi is Head of Operations at InboxArmy LLC. He has been into email marketing domain for the last seven years. Chintan is connected to InboxArmy, a professional email marketing agency that specializes in providing advanced email marketing services from email production to deployment. Chintan’s success track record covers building email programs at competitive email marketing pricing and using data-driven strategies to turn around underperforming accounts.

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