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Starting a podcast is a fun experience, but it’s not simple to attract attention among the high competition. You need to know both the technical and marketing aspects. We have prepared 5 tips to help your podcast succeed. So let’s take a closer look!

Written by Jonathan Gerhardt

Are you thinking about starting a podcast? Well, it is quite an exciting idea to realize. A lot of users really like to listen or watch more than to read the text. Here are five easy tips that will help you start a podcast and make it recognizable.

1. The Name Matters a Lot

Starting a podcast, keep in mind that a bad beginning makes a bad ending. So starting a podcast with the right name is vital. Your title should reflect your style and the idea of ​​what your show will be about. If you bring information about health to the public, you shouldn’t name your podcast, for instance, Informative Monday. Use something more relevant, like Healthy Monday.

When you decide on a name, it’s worth checking if there is already such a name in the list of existing podcasts. Overly similar names should be avoided. Pay enough attention and create a unique title; you can use the help of this website.

2. Do Not Neglect the Sequence

The best option of how to podcast is publishing your record at least once a week. The Internet is working in such a way that if you don’t regularly publish your content, then you lose your popularity. Therefore, the sequence plays an important role.

Consider how long creating a podcast takes. Based on this, you can build a progress calendar. As soon as you work on starting a podcast according to it, you will have order in your activity and more chances for a constant presence.

3. How About Starting Podcast with Intro?

Intro affects branding! If you tell your audience what they are going to experience, this is the best you can do. Give them a clear understanding of what awaits them and what they can count on.

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Think about podcasting equipment, and consider starting a podcast with music. Indeed, in this way, you can create the right mood for your audience and immediately grab attention.

Remember that the use of music can lead to copyright infringement. Always consider this nuance, so as not to get into trouble. Read the terms of use on the site where the music is posted. Use the best microphone for podcasting as well to make your product enjoyable.

4. Starting a Podcast with Intro, and Finishing with Outro

Today, many beginners are starting a podcast without the outro, and this is not entirely right. You need to understand that outro is the last thing you bring to your audience. Moreover, it is remembered in the same way as your intro.

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A call to action is exactly what should be at the end of your podcast; it’s straightforward. Your audience has already tuned in to listen to you, which means those who have reached the end can be hooked with a call to action. Offer to subscribe to updates, buy something, or leave a review.

Of course, it’s possible starting a podcast with the same outro for all podcasts. Believe it; it’s best to use a different one every time! Someone, for example, could already subscribe to updates.

5. Follow Your Initial Goals

Before starting a podcast, you must have been driven by a goal. The most important thing is not to forget to pursue it in the future. The purposes can be completely different, and they determine what you need to do for this.

Many beginners are starting a podcast and forget about the main goals. Because of this, work begins to either slow down or not bear the desired fruits. If you want to be successful, be sure to remember this point.

Of course, this is not the whole list of tricks for starting a podcast. Realizing these 5 tricks in life is not difficult. However, they are really useful for starting a podcast in the right way! Let us know about your experience in the comments!

About the Author 

This article was written by Jonathan Gerhardt. He is successfully launching his podcast about health and fitness and is always trying to develop and come up with some innovative strategies for getting the attention of his listeners. He shares his ideas in articles as well.

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